Gen 8- Chapter 1 Part 2: Waterlily Whip

My sanctuary. My home away from home. Anytime I was having trouble or just feeling low, I knew just where to go. Chestnut was my savior. When ever I was down he knew just how to pick me up and get me smiling again. Besides my family there was no one I cared about more than him. Well technically he was a part of my family, so I loved them all equally.

I could feel myself already beginning to calm just from my feet touching down on that all too familiar cobblestone walkway.

“Lil-Bug whats wrong?”

*Sniff* “My sister thought it would be funny to dress me up like a clown and then parade me around to everyone.” *Sniff*

“Awwww but you don’t look like a clown. You look…nice.”

“Thanks but I know I look stupid.”

“That’s not all that happened is it?”


“Then Disco said I looked like a giant cotton swab.” I started to cry into his shoulder. “I don’t know why he has to be so mean! Oh he just makes me SOOOOO angry!”

“Hey now. Its OK. He’s just stupid. You and I both know that, and you don’t look like a cotton swab. You look like a beautiful…cloud.”

“Thank you Chessie. That makes me feel a little better?”

“Good. Now all of that being said, you look positively uncomfortable in that dress. I think I have some of your clothes from the last time you came swimming. You want me to grab them?”

“Sure, but I have something else in mind first.”

“Oh what is that?”

Walking over to his dresser I pulled a pair of his hair cutting scissors from the top drawer. Then I went to the hallway and grabbed a chair, pulling it up the mirror and taking a seat. I handed the scissor over with out ever looking up.

“You want me to cut your hair?”

“Yup. Chop it all off. I don’t want to be a cotton swab or a cloud…”

“Umm OK. How short?”

“Really short. Something edgy and different.”

“You sure?”


“Ok…here we go.”

With each snip snip of the scissors, more and more hair floated down to the floor. I smiled giddily as he continued my transformation. Something I really loved about getting my hair cut. For me it was always fun to do something different. It was just hair and mine grew really fast, so if I didn’t like it, I could grow it out again in almost no time at all.

After he was done, I snagged my clothes and threw them on in the bathroom. Ahhhh I had never been so relieved to be back in my own clothes before.

“You like?”

“So much better thank you.”

“What do you think?”

“Me? I like it? Course it’s you so I would like even if you were bald probably.”

“Hah! Maybe on day.”

“So Lil I was wondering if I could talk to YOU about something now?”

“Of course. You can talk to me about anything you know that.”

“Ok. Well…we have been best friends for a really long time and…well…you know I love you.”

“I love you too silly.”

“So I was thinking we could…you know try something?”

For a second, I totally did not get what he meant, but then it dawned on me. The atmosphere in the room was screaming I want to kiss you. All that was missing was the Berry White music playing in the background. I didn’t want to assume something that wasn’t correct though, so I played up the I don’t get it factor so he would have to spell it out for me.

“Try what Chessie?”

“Well I was thinking that maybe we could…kiss? You know I can’t think of anyone better I would like to share my first kiss with.”

“Me either.” I agreed stepping in a just a few inches closer. My heart began to race, and I could tell he was as nervous as I was. His arms slid around my shoulders and drew me in. Looking up into his eyes I gave a nervous smile and laugh before closing my eyes.

The moment our lips connected, I felt a spark of flurry and electricity run through my body. I let out a small sigh, which caused him to squeeze me just a little tighter.

Best first kiss ever!

But it didn’t stop there. We took it to the edge of the bed for a seriously amazing and mind blowing make out session.

More than a few times, my head was screaming “AHHHH I can’t believe this is happening!!”

Definitely not what I was expecting when I came over but WOOOOOOO what a pleasant surprise!!!

We pretty much kissed each others lips off before be decided to stop. After that things kinda went back to our normal routine. We sat on his bed for a good three more hours before I had to no choice but to leave and go home. What’s the deal with those curfews!

“So Lil…there is something else I wanted to ask you.”

“Ya? What was it?”

I was wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me?”

“Do I have to wear a dress?”


“Than yes… I’d love to.”

“Great! See you tomorrow then.”

“Of course.”

“Love you Lil-Bug.”

“Love you too Chessie. Bye.”

I pretty much floated down the steps to my bike. The cool evening breeze only fueled my euphoric feeling as I pulled out of the driveway and down the road heading for the hill. “What a beautiful night!” I called into the air. Releasing my hands from the handle bars, I spread my arms wide and let a big sigh. Ahhhhhhh!

Ah but the fun didn’t stop when I got home. No the big reveal was almost as relishing as the evenings previous events.

“O M B Lil what did you do to your hair?!?!”

“I was feeling a little shaggy so I had Chessie trim up the ends for me.”

Oh how I wished I had a camera right about then. The look on their faces was priceless. I did a full circle so they could take in the grandness of the front and the back. Sapph kept covering her mouth and Mida just stood there. You would think someone with such a quirky sense of humor could appreciate a fun and exciting new look, but no…I guess not.

“Chestnut did that to you?”

“Yes, but I asked him to.”

“Dad is gonna flip.”

“No he won’t.”

“What ever you say…”

“Now if you will excuse me, I am about to go ask this make up if we can see other people.”

Stepping into the bathroom, I snagged the cleanser from the mirror and lathered up a nice hand full of suds to wash away the clown-job Sapph had done to me. I couldn’t help but giggle. If she was wanting to be a fashion anything, I had a feeling we needed to do this a whole lot more to hone her skill. A thought that entertained me and ever so frightened at the same time.

So much better!

I went to bed that night thinking about the day and all of the crazy things that had transpired. Such a not so great day, shaped out to be one of my favorites so far. I guess you never know till the day is over what life will bring to your doorstep.

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  1. Is it weird of me to kind of find Disco cute?? He pays Lily a lot of attention for somebody who supposedly hates her… :/
    Anyway Berry, I loved it!! such a good start to the new generation!!!! <33 x

  2. Now that is a girl I wish I could be. Brave when she needs to be, soft at heart and willing to go out on a limb. She is fabulous and I can’t wait to read more about her ❤

  3. Disco, I’ll shove a blue cotton swab up your butt…You…meanie butt! >_> He’s been burned!

    Anyways, I love Lily! She is so adorbs! I love her sass! I can see her at a wedding wearing a white suit. =D

    I like Chessie, but he’s not all that cute….Hmmmm….

  4. I love Lily! She’s amazing!!! 🙂 I feel the same way about lipstick, too. It feels like putting thick layers of nasty tasting paint on…

    I have a feeling there’s a little bit more to Disco than just being mean to Lily. And Chessie is adorable…personality wise. Looks wise, eh, not so much. >.<

    Oh and Berry, you use DebugEnabler right? Are all of your animations working properly? Because mine only shows "Grim Reaper Animation" and none of the other ones pop up. Just wonderin'

  5. Ohmahgaaaaaawwwddd I am so in love with Lily. T_T Her attitude and personality are so killer–and does she rock that hairdo or what?!

    I have to say, I honestly find Chesnut’s ‘less than model’ attractiveness insanely refreshing. It also goes to show that Lily is anything but shallow, which just makes me love her more. He is obviously an incredibly sweet person–so much <333 for him.

    (Also have to say, little "Loki" totally made me giggle on the first part–hurrhurrrr. ^-^ )

  6. That new hairstyle looks amazing on Waterlily! It is just so…her 😀
    Great that Chestnut knew just how to cheer her up! x’D They are cute together, but I have a feeling their friendship is perfect the way it is – just friends. (Or maybe I am just too excited for if Waterlily and Disco ARE going to have a love/hate relationship!!! :D)

    PERFECT start to generation 8!!!

  7. Can u upload Disco 2 the sims 3 exchange?? Oh and i see a love/hate relationship between Lily and Disco!!! Soooooo cute dont like Chestnut and Lilly that much tho >.<

  8. Methinks that Disco actually likes Lily, and that’s why he’s mean. Isn’t that what our parents taught us? xD If boys are mean, it means they like you. Haha.

    Lily looks too cute with the shorter hair. I love that she just does what she wants, but she’s not a rebellious teen when she does it. She really did look silly with that hair and make up though, I prefer her makeup-less. I’m glad they decided to see other people. Lol.

  9. nawww i reckon chesnut and lily are soooooooooo cute together, but it would be interesting to see disco and lily together hahahha 🙂

  10. So cute! I’m loving Lily, she’s so out-there and different. I can totally see her going to prom in a shirt and pants if she feels like it 😀
    Although…. somehow I have a feeling that Disco likes her more than he’s letting on, but the only way he can talk to her is by insulting her, because he thinks if he’s too nice to her Saph will catch on about his crush.
    And yes, I do over-analyse things.
    Chestnut is nice, but to me he seems like the boy who’s always your friend but never your boyfriend. Somehow I think it’ll just get confusing…. I hope Lily knows what she’s doing, getting involved with her best friend. What if it ends badly? (FRIENDS flashbacks again – Ross and Rachel found it really hard to stay friends after they broke up, and it just got awkward.)
    Sorry for the ginormously long comment!

    • HAHAHAHAHHAHA i loveedd how u compared their relationship with ross and rachel XD loveee it, (im obsessed with friends hahah) but yehhh so true!

  11. Wow! Berry, Why do I sence a little connrction between Lily and Disco? Wait! Don’t answer that! Unless you want to… 😉

  12. Wow! Berry, Why do I sence a little connection between Lily and Disco? Wait! Don’t answer that! Unless you want to… 😉

  13. Oh everybody’s been complaining about Chessie’s looks! I thin k it’s interesting he’s not as sexy as the rest of the men in any legacy! They just seem so cute together. I like it:) Oh and I also love how she hate’s makeup just like her momma! She is most defiantly different. But that’s what makes this legacy so great:) You always have a twist to everything! Cant wait for the next chapters!

  14. Chessie is super adorable in a less than hunky kind of way! I like him 🙂 Too bad brown’s not in line for the colour scheme…
    I know lots of people are all for the Disco love-hate relationship, but that’ll just break Saph’s heart :/ I’m excited to see what will happen 😀

  15. I love Lily she is rebellious, bookworm and a sweetheart. I also love that she hates make up cause I do too! Though I did think it was kind of annoying her sister wanted to make her over and she looked horriblee! i LOVE HER NEW LOOK

  16. I LOVE LOVE/HATE relationships!!
    I like Chessie but what can I say I love love/hate relationships ❤ I love Splash of Color! I'm your fan!!

  17. I love how lilly looks. No offence but Chestnut kinda scares me. When he smiled all weird like I was flipping out. But I think they would have adorable kids 🙂 Good job Berry!

  18. I am loving this legacy! ❤ I just spend two days of reading all the entries and I have to say, I'm hooked. You make me want to write one, but I never stay loyal to them xD keep up the great story telling berry 😀

  19. Yup, I definately love her, so different than most of the Chiffon girls! Chessie and Waterlily are a cute couple as well! I exspecially love what she said at the end though , that was great. On a totally unrelated note I freaking love the bunk beds, I have them in my game to but I just adore them to no end !!!!

    Oh and something Chessie said made me laugh

    “Hey now. It’s okay. He’s just stupid…” idk why but I just laughed

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