Gen 8- Chapter 6 Part 1: Waterlily Whip

“So have you talked to him yet?”


“The new kid.”

“Oh. No not yet. Why?”

“Just wondering. I was thinking of inviting him over to play. Do you think he would come?”

“I dunno. Maybe. Why? You like him or something?”

“Maybe a little. Do ya think he has a girlfriend?”

“Seeing that he just started school like 2 days ago. Probably not. Wow you really do like him.”

“NO… I was just wondering.”

“Mhmm suuuure Lil. Sure.”

“Anyways… I think I am gonna ask him tomorrow.”

“Chestnut! Waterlily! It’s time to come in now.”

“OK Mom, be right there!” “So, you wanna stay for dinner?”

“No, I can’t tonight, I need to get home.”

“Oh alright. Good luck with Disco tomorrow!”

“No I swear. You can totally buy those with your points.”


“Ya! I was just there the other day.”


“Hi Disco, I’m Waterlily and I was wondering if you wou-”

“Whoa! Is that your hair or did a blue lion die around your neck?!”

“Hahah! Good one Disco!”

“And where are your shoes? you are so weird.”

“Ahahaha Augualily doesn’t like shoes!”

“Or hair brushes!!”


“But… I…”


“Awwww I think you made her cwy!”

“Poor wittle wily. Careful where you step! You might get a surprise!!”


“Oh Chestnut! It was horrible! Where were you?!”

” My mom forgot I had a dentist appointment. What happened Lil?!”

“Well I tried t-to say h-hi! But he… he…started making fun of me!?”

“But why?”

“I Don’t knoooooooow! I thought he was nice, but I was wrong! He is such a mean jerk! I’ve never felt so stupid in my whole life!”

“Awww Lil. It’s OK. Just forget him. What does he know.”

*Sob sob sob*

“He kept making fun of my hair. He said it looks like a lions mane. I hate my hair! It’s too big! I should just cut it all off!”

“But I like your hair.”

“I don’t. Here cut it for me. Chop it all.”

“Wait. What? Right now?”

“Yes. Right now. Will you please?”

“I guess I could try…”

“No. Shorter. I want it all gone.”

“Ok. Just hold still.”

“Done. So, what do you think? I hope you like it, cus I can’t put it back.”

“It’s perfect.”

Shock and anger jolted me from my uncomfortable sleep, causing me to shoot straight up in my bed, almost smacking my head on the ceiling in my urgency. My eyes darted around the room, particles of the dream still resounding in my head. I placed one hand over my heart, in hopes to slow it’s rapid beating.

What a horrible dream, I thought to myself settling back down into the safety of my covers. I said dream, but I knew from the moment it had ended, it was no dream. It was a memory. One I had long forgotten. Tucked away in the back of my mind, put in a place that I had hoped would never resurface again, but it would seem that my mind had stumbled upon it and saw it fit to send straight back to the surface.

How could I have possibly forgotten such a painful and hurtful memory? All this time I knew I hated Disco because he was a mean stupid jerk, but I guess I had known it for so long, I’d forgotten that first offense. The one that caused me to attack him over a dozen times, getting myself suspended several times in the process.

My new found memory only caused my anger to grow. How could anyone be so utterly and completely mean! I crawled out of bed and ran to the bathroom where my jeans still rested on the floor from the night before. I pulled my phone from the back pocket. Even though it was only 5 am I dialed Chestnut’s number. Three short rings later I could hear Chestnut’s groggy voice from the other side of the line.

“Lil? I know you couldn’t wait for me to be back, but don’t you think this is a little ridiculous.”

“Very funny. No Chessie, this is important. Can you come over?”

“Uhhh ya. Give me ten. OK?”

“OK. Thanks Chessie.”

“Anything for my *YAWWWWWN* Lilbug.”

“Of course I remember. I had never seen you so upset in my whole life. You’re serious? You forgot about that?”

“Would I have made you come all the way over at 5:30 am if I wasn’t”

“Well probably not. Man I can’t believe you don’t remember that.”

“I do now!”

I sat down at the counter with my cereal and began shoveling bite after bite into my mouth. For some reason I was extra hungry and my cereal seemed extra sugary.

From there I proceeded to enlighten Chessie on all that transpired over the few weeks during his absence. There had not been even a phone call between us the entire time he had been gone, so he was still blissfully unaware to the unfolding and ever expanding drama. Between bites, I recreated the entire scene. There were a few gasps and “Oh no he didn’t’s” but by the time I was done he and I were totally on the same page once again.

“So all this time. It was him?! I never would have guessed in a million years.”

“Neither would I! I was shell-shocked when I found out. Now he wants to be friends. Can you imagine?!”

“Heh, in his dreams. You don’t need to associate with bullies. And Poor Saph. How is she doing?”

“Well she is talking to me now, so that’s a good thing. Not sure if she beleives me though.”

“I bet she does.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure…”

“We talk, but there is a palpable distance between us still.”

“Well, even if it is true, which I have no doubt it is. It still hurts to know that you were dumped because someone liked your sister more.”

“But it wasn’t my fault!”

“I know that, and in time she will too. She just needs time to mend her bruised ego. You know as well as I do, it was probably the first time in her life that things didn’t go her way.”

“Ya I guess you’re right.”

“Of course I am! I am the great Chessie!”

Chessie and I were still seated at the counter when Midna came srpinting down the stairs practically dragging Coronation behind her. “Bus is here!” She called out, taking a giant leap from the bottom step. I gathered up my things and Chessie and I headed for the bus. Dad was setting the bins out at the time and gave us all a goodbye and have a great day wave.

It was good to have my best friend back, life already felt a little easier to manage with him by my side again. Once we had situated ourselves in our seats I took hold of his hand and gave it a squeeze.

“I am so glad you are back.” I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Me too, but if I have to go again, next time I will make sure I have a phone…”

Heading across the campus, I started to feel better than I had in weeks. The crisp cool air coupled with the company of my dearest friend had allowed my dream/memory to evaporate like morning mist in the sunshine. I even had a small bounce in my step, but just about the time things are starting to go my way, a certain lavender cloud had a way of raining all over it.

“Oh Lil, don’t look now, but I think someone wants to talk to you.”

“Huh? Where?”

But Chessie never did have to point out who we was referring to. The moment the question had left my lips, I saw Disco jogging across the yard, heading straight for us. He gave a small wave and I felt my stomach turn. Chessie turned to me placing one reassuring hand on my shoulder.

“You want me to stay? Or?”

“No, I got this. You go on ahead, I will catch up.”

“Ok. Be strong Lil.”

“Ya. Thanks…”

“Hey Lil! Can I talk to you for a second. Please.”



“Disco? Do you not understand the concept of” *I quoted my fingers in the air* “Leave me alone? Because the last I knew, this, what you are doing are doing right now, is pretty much the opposite…”

“Will you just give me a chance please?”


The conversation ended, and I walked away, not about to listen to any more pleading. I heard a long drawn out sigh followed by a faint “Ok bye Lil.” but I was sure not to flinch or even acknowledge that I had heard a thing. I was afraid if I had, I would have been starting all over again in my attempts to keep him at bay. Little did I know that acknowledgement or no acknowledgement, keeping him at bay was a figment of my imagination.

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  1. Still team LilCo, still team LilCo. When things like that happen at such a young age, it can usually be put down to wanting to look like the “cool” new kid, or feeling afraid of making any more friends when you’ve just made some.. it’s okay Disco, I forgive you!!
    (but seriously, just look at his face, how can you not?) ♥

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