Gen 8- Chapter 5 Part 2: Waterlily Whip

“Lil? Can we talk please?”

Never taking her attention away from the screen she agreed to my little pow wow. “Sure. What’s up?”

“I’s about Saph. She still won’t come out of the room.”

“I don’t know what you expect me to do. She hates me remember.”

Truth was, I had no idea what I was expecting to happen. I just wanted us all to be friends again. Seeing Sapphire and Waterlily at each others throats was literally killing me. I knew if they talked it out, they would work out their differences, but that was where our problem lied. Neither side wanted to take that first step.

“She doesn’t hate you. She is hurting. You and Disco, that was a pretty big shock.”

“First of all there is no me and Disco. He is still the same ol jerk he always was. Second of all, she is the one who won’t listen to me.”

“I know. But don’t you think you could try again?”

*Sigh* “Midna, obviously nothing I can say right now is gonna help. We are going to have to wait until she is ready.”

“But if nothing is going on between you and Disco, like you say it is.”

“Nothing IS going on! Geeze! How many times do I have to say it?!”

“OK, OK!”

Man something had seriously crawled up her nether regions I thought to myself. It became clear that this line of questioning was obviously going no where fast, but that had been only half of the reason I had come to talk to my dear sister that day.

“There is something else…”


“I don’t know if you have noticed, but the house is a mess. Saph quit right in the middle of our planning and now, we have a semi-remodeled house, and mom said we have to finish. So I was hoping that maybe we could work on it together?”

“Sure sis. Whatever you need.”

“Ok Great. Wonderful. Yes, I will just… figure out what I need and get back to you. Yes.”

“I have no idea what I am doing?” I squeaked.

I paced the floor in Coronations room, trying to figure what I should do. I had never remodeled anything in my life, and certainly not a house. Saph was the pretty pretty dress up girl. This was her project, but now it would seem I was the only one who cared. She had sunk so deep into her depression she hardly did anything but eat. It could be months before she snapped out of it, and Mom and Dad were getting impatient.

“Oh, Midnight, you must geeve yourself more cred-eet. You can do thees.”

Coronations reassuring words had given me the added boost that I needed.

“Ya! Ok! I can do this.” I repeated with much more enthusiasm.

Coronation shook his head. “No no, wee can do thees.”

That was the exact moment my brain went into planning mode. I started running different ideas through my head, trying to figure what would work for each of the remaining rooms. Interior designer Midna was on the job!

Searching through the upstairs closet, I came across the plans that Saph had stuffed in there during her fit of rage. They were only half finished like the rest of the house, but it gave us a great jumping off point.

“What if we did like a french bistro theme in the dining room? Do you think you could help me make it look authentic?”

“But of course! Ohhh a french cafe, weel bee so perfect!”

We started writing out the designs and before long we had our plans for each of the unattended rooms.

We decided to start in the kitchen. Updating all the cabinetry and appliances first. We gave it a much more modern feel, and I have to say that I was completely in love with the new fridge. It had drawers for everything you could imagine. It was a shame that mom would never see it, because the whole room looked pretty freakin fantastic if I did say so myself.

With my confidence soaring high, we tackled the dining room next. I had designed the entire layout, but Lil and Prelude did almost all of the work. Coronation helped as well, but I kind of forced him to sit back and be lazy, since we had done almost all of the work in the kitchen, it seemed only fair that the others would work on next project room.

The upstairs bathrooms where next on our list… they really didn’t look very different aside from their color.

and lastly our music/art room, which I ultimately decided to leave just as it was. There was a lot of history in that room, and it felt almost criminal to even consider covering up the lovely colors on the walls.

Finally we had come to the end of our mission and I had never been prouder in my whole life. Midna the goofball, had seen something all the way to its completion, and not only that, the end result looked danged amazing!

And what did I win for all of my efforts? A little lovin from my sweeter than sweet boyfriend. A fine prize to be won indeed.

“See I knew you could do eet.”


I even managed to get Lil to smile. Yes our remodel was just the thing to whip us back into shape. All of us except…

Poor poor Saph.

Things had not improved one bit. In fact they may have gotten worse. We practically had to sit with her to force the food down her throat. We were all beside ourselves with worry. None of us had a clue what to do. This Disco thing was obviously more than she could handle, and all the rest of us could do was watch, and hope for the best…



“Dinner is almost ready. You gonna come eat with us tonight?”


“We are ordering veggie pizza. Your favorite.”

“Go away. I’m not hungry.”

“But you have been in here all day. You have to eat something.”

“No I don’t.”

*Sigh* “Fine. I’ll bring you up a couple slices later on then.”


It was like someone had flipped off the alive switch. She was just a crumpled mess on her bed and nothing more. Man if this is what all break ups were like I would much rather be alone for the rest of my life. Just watching from the sidelines as she went through it, was enough to break my heart in two.

But just like the house project, I wasn’t about to give up. I was gonna whip her back into shape somehow…

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  1. I love that you kept the art/music room the same, that made me smile^^
    ughhh in all of this mess I still feel sorry for Disco, he must feel awful u__u I hope someone can get Saph back on her feet soon, and I really hope that someone is Lily!!! now she’s been cheered up by the house remodelling, surely she can take the first step?
    and.. OMG… Midna and Coronation foreverrrrrβ™₯

  2. Midma is so awesome… but there are some things she can’t fix – it’s up to Lil to get Saph up out of her depression, and she has to start with the truth about Disco. What worries me is that Lil could have a little thing for Disco herself – they say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and the one thing both of those have in common is passion. Lil has certainly been passionately hating Disco for so long that she may end up crossing the line…
    <3333 this chapter so much! Good to have you back, Berry. Hope you had a good Siesta πŸ˜€

  3. Midnight is AWESOME!!! It’s so great that she decided to try and bring the family together again, but the situation is not good… I feel so bad for everyone involved. 😦

  4. Oh man, I exploded with joy when I was this on tumblr :D:D So happy you’re back and I hope you enjoyed your break! You definitely deserved it ❀ Fantastic update as always!
    I sure hope that Saph and Lil start talking :c Lil needs a chance to explain </3

  5. It’s all so completely tragically horrible!
    Can somebody just TELL her that Lil has nothing to do with it please?! It’s just causing me physical pain to think that she thinks the wrong thing and that she doesn’t know the truth. I hate it when that sort of thing happens.
    Your writing is so good. I LOVED the remodelling! It’s gorgeous!! πŸ˜€
    I hope things can get better sometime next chapter…

  6. Waaah, poor girls! 😦 Disco has royally screwed up everything, hasn’t he–that boy doesn’t know how to think before he speaks. I just wanna give Saph a big hug. T_T

    Also, the house looks fab-u-lous! Midna and her Berry overlord did a fantastic job. πŸ˜‰

  7. I love that you kept the art room the same, and seeing Saffron’s picture brought tears to my eyes… :’)
    Poor Disco, one girls heart gets broken and the girl that he loves doesn’t love him back…
    The house looks lovely by the way! I love the dining room, it reminds me of Cherry’s generation (France, Peche!)

    Hopefully Saphire learns that her sister didin’t have an affair with Disco, sisters don’t do that to sisters….

    Great chapter Berry n-n

  8. I love the new renovations and it was so sweet of them to leave the music/art room the same! β™₯
    I wish Saph would just listen to what Lil has to say. Can’t wait for the next chapter! Loved this one by the way! πŸ˜€

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  10. Poor Sapph! I feel so bad for her berry! The house looks awesome, as it always did; and I love the stenciling on the walls- so unique!
    I hope Lil and Sapph can eventually work things out. I hate to see sisters fight, let alone triplet sisters.

    Welcome back by the way! It feels good to have my favorite story back on board! I’ve missed you!

  11. Wow, it just keeps getting better and better!!! Can’t help myself I poor Disco!!!
    That’s an awfully big hole he has dug for himself. Lily, might be starting to crack just a little, what might she be trying so hard not to remember? Interesting!!

  12. Welcome back!

    These last two chapter parts are just so sad… That stupid pink boy has come between sisters and really truly broken Sapph’s heart. I do hope that Waterlily will do what she can to mend both their relationship and Sapph. At least Disco was honest with Sapph, but why couldn’t he have offered the WHOLE truth?

    Midna did a wonderful job on the house though, I love the dining room!

  13. poor saph! i feel so much sympathy for her! i hope she can get out of her depression soon and start talking to lily again. 😦 i serioulsy can’t express how much i love the french bistro inspired kitchen! i love the counter with the awnings! gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  14. The house looks amazing! and Im not sure what to do about saph, She needs to realize there are bigger and better things out there waiting for her! and that Disco is just a misguided jerk, who ultimately is a man and doesn’t know how to cope with girls lol. but honestly what man does? Great update berry! and just what this very tired girl needed in her life atm πŸ™‚

  15. I more feel bad for Saph than Disco and Lil ): She just wanted Disco and her sister to get along since she cared for them both so much, but she didn’t mean for him to go totally head over heels D:

  16. Ohh I just started reading your story a few days ago and now I just caught up. it’s so sad, now I have to wait for updates to read more. T_T I feel so bad for Saph, none of this was her fault. Well, it wasn’t exactly Lil’s fault either, but she doesn’t have to pay the consiquences in the same way Saph does. I’m actually starting to like Disco, but I don’t like what he did to the girls. I hope love and happiness with shine through.. and soon. ❀

  17. I still feel so bad for Disco. I know…he’s an idiot…who should have thought more before he spoke and acted, but I agree, Lil is prolly going to regret all the mean things she has said in turn.

    Everyone just needs to give everyone some breathing room. Let the dust settle.

    House looks amazing!!! Coronation is so sweet and cute. πŸ˜€

  18. I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to fit all I want to say in one comment XD here goes:

    1. Yayy! Splash is back! It was worth the wait I have 2 say ❀
    2.No matter what Disco might appear to be on the outside, it doesn't mean he's rotten on the interior, remember Granite ppl? What were our first opinions of him?
    3. Poor Saph, I would feel terrible if my boyfriend did something like that to me, also my BEST friend, imagine how you would feel after all those years loving each other just being ripped apart by unaquainted love 😦
    4.Nom Corinations!! ~ Midna and him belong 2gether1
    5. I know how your gonna twist the story berry, like ya always do, so I'm not placing any boyfriend bets quite yet haha!
    6. The house is so perty!! ^^
    7.Fabulous pictures there!
    8. (Last comment,) what's happened to chestnut??! Where is he when he should be comforting poor Lily!

    Can;t wait 4 the next chapter!
    Banya x

  19. Finally caught up!!! I love the developments from Lil’s story. I would never have expected any of this. πŸ™‚ Fan Frickin tastic!!!! ALways outdoing yourself berry. πŸ™‚

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