Gen 9- Introduction: Wisteria Lace

Since this gen has quite a number of characters, I have decided to do a little intro chapter before we begin. Something you can come back to, if you need to reference who someone is. Hope you like it! Welcome to Gen 9: Wisteria Lace.

I have heard a lot of people say, that the friends you make in high school are just that. High school friends, fair-weather friends if you will. I don’t know if that is really true or not , but what I do know is, if it weren’t for my circle of friends, I never would have survived those four agonizing years of life. Would they be there forever? There was no way of knowing, but I had them, and at the time they were exactly what I needed. Put us all together in a room, and we would stick out like a sore thumb. Very strange combination of personalities, but it worked.

Take Viola for example. Our little social butterfly. Not only was she in leadership, and pre-training for the link crew, she was also one of the top dancers on our schools dance team Peppermint Motion. Definitely the most popular and well known out of all of us. How she came to be in our little group still baffles me. Sure I knew her in junior high, but it still came as quite a shock, when she came and nestled herself down at our lunch table instead with all of her curly haired, giggle-fied team members. Not that she wasn’t a welcome addition, she had a way about her and you could’t help but feel her energy. I don’t think I ever saw her without a smile on her face.

Permanently chipper and bubbly, was only a handful of her amazing talents though, she was also super organized. The girl never went anywhere with out her trusty little note book. “The date book” she called it. If you could ever manage to get it away from her, (which was almost physically impossible) you would find notes on just about everything. Birthdays, parties, anniversaries you name it, it was in there. Not a birthday would go by without a little neatly wrapped present, miraculously appearing on your desk. I’m all for gift giving, but I think you might have taken it a bit too far when it’s for your chem lab partners dog…

I guess the only other thing you really need to know about Viola Candy Corn would be her adoration for our hang out, the bubble buzz. She practically lived there. If it wasn’t for the fact I had been to her house several times and seen where she acutally slept, it would not take a whole lot of convincing that she did actually live there. Hitting them up in the morning for her eye opening cappuccino, sneaking out at lunch for her mid day cuppa, and first to arrive after school for her latte. I’m not exactly sure why she never just tried to get a job there. At least she would get paid for all that time! But for what ever reason, she preferred to hang out and drink unberry-ly amounts of caffeinated drinks. Maybe that was her secret to all the chipperness.

Ah, here we have our groups nominees for cutest couple. Requiem and Sandy. Not only are they nominated for cutest couple, but they are also in the running for most unlikely pairing. Requiem being the die hard musician. Mr. laid back and chill, somehow hooked up with little miss priss. Now I mean that in the most endearing way possible mind you, but the truth is the truth. Sandy would rather die than leave her house “unfinished”. If her hair and her make up were not to her liking, she would more than likely have her mother call the school and say she was sick, before she would allow anyone see her looking less than pristine.

I guess that kind of thing was a turn on to him, because from the moment he saw her, his life’s mission was to catch her eye. It definitely was no easy task. For the first two weeks of school, she would barely sniff in his direction. Then like most things, that one fateful moment changed everything.

No one really talked about it, and I had only heard the story once in a passing from Sandy’s little sister, but apparently after catching Sandy outside of the gym one warm september afternoon, Requiem was able to strum his way right into little Miss’s heart.

To this day she refuses to admit that she was ever that shallow, but we know the truth. Oh we know.

They certainly have no trouble expressing their affections now. Usually in front of all of us and for the whole room to see and bask in their glorious love! It was cute and sweet at first, but by half way through our freshman year, it was getting a bit old. We did our best to tune them out, but the giggles and smacking sounds… *shudders* It’s all a bit much at times.

Tapestry…where to begin? No really, I have no idea where to begin, because I didn’t know him very well at all. Best friend to Requiem, so we saw him most days around our group of course, but he really didn’t talk much. Usually he would sit down, slide his laptop from his back pack and utilize the free wi fi till it’s time to go. I don’t think he liked me very much, I had tried a few times to strike up a conversation here and there, but it usually ended in an awkward silence, so after a few failed attempts, I just stopped trying.

It didn’t help the awkwardness that he walked home with Cerese and I everyday after school. Of course he had no trouble at all talking to her. Though that wasn’t a huge surprise to me, most guys we knew ended up liking Cerese over me. I felt like a bit of a third wheel, or in my case, a spare tire, but hey at least this way I was sure the boy could actually verbally communicate.

Even it wasn’t to me directly.

That guy there? That would be Matrix Shiloh. Another one of those bridge people. Should be hanging out with the cool crowd, but for some reason chose us instead. Being part of the football team, he would definitely have been welcomed with open arms to the popular table, but being on the team was stretching his title just a tad. He was technically on the team, but had never actually seen any field time, best of both worlds if you asked me. Of course that was a sizable bruise to the ego, and I think in a way he felt a bit inadequate compared to the rest of the team.

That did not stop him however, from bagging the most eligible bachelorette at our neighboring high school. None of us from Huck had actually seen her in person, but he carried around a really nice picture of him and her from their winter formal.

She was a year ahead of the rest of us, so she was already a sophmore by the time we entered into that first year of torture. I could only go off what he said about her, but they seemed to be just as close as Requiem and Sandy. Cherry Rouge was pretty and a good kisser and that was all the information we had on her.

Lastly…wait I know what you are thinking.. “What about Cerese?” We will get back to her on another day, I promise. Last is my dear friend Harmony. Sister to Requiem, Harmony was somewhat of our class clown. Completely obsessed with all of the late night skit shows, she couldn’t go five seconds with out quoting something. Either from one of her favorite movies, or favorite shows, the girl was a literal improv actor in the making, and boy was she loud.

Did I mention she was loud?

It was easy to find her in a crowd. Just look for the one screaming and flailing about like a sugar high mongoose… Did I just say that? Well, the point is Harmony was overly rambunctious. Anything and everything could excite her, and most of the time it did.

“OMB!! Did you just see that commercial!?!? The kid was all like grawr!!! and the girl was like wooooooo!!!”

“Yes. We saw it. We are all here watching the same TV…”

Yeah, I don’t think my mom was a fan.

My mom may not have liked her that much, but I loved her to death. We had so much fun, I just did my best to keep her a little more calm when she was hanging around the house. Most of the time it worked… most of the time.


Alright!! There you have it folks! The first time we ever really had to do an intro. XD I started into chapter 1 and as you can see this was never going to fit with all the other things I have planned. So hope you this will wet your appetite just a bit. It’s good to be back, I missed you all!

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  1. I love it! It’s a big group too. I recognize Harmony and Viola from the tenager thread at the forum. Wisteria has gotten a little chubby since we last saw her. But I still like her.

      • I think she looks better a little chubby. ^.^
        Anyways you dont know me but i LOVE YOUR RAINBOWCY! I Took a break from Sims but your legacy has made me wan to play it!
        I hope you are enjoying writing this as much as people are enjoying reading it!
        PS: I love the first gen because she has my name *chuckles* I was pretty estatic!

      • Thank you!! I agree! That is the way she was meant to be, it is a part of her. Another Lacey ;D Coooool! I absolutely love writing thing. I think it probably shows as we go along that I have gotten more into the writing aspect!

  2. Awwww!! I love all of them!! Hahaha, they all seem to be a bunch of misfits, but sometimes opposites can’t help but attract and stick together. :3 Gosh I’m so excited to see what the group gets up to!

    I am seriously in love with Wisty, too–but you already knew that. 😉 All the screenshots of her make me squee a little with joy. She does seem like she feels a little out of place, in a way… God do I know what that feels like. (And I suppose, from all you’ve mentioned, you do too. ♥)

    Can’t wait for more!!

    (I may also have done a little dance when I saw all the shots in the BB. >_> lol!)

  3. Super-super-super-duper excited for this generation!! EEEeeee!!!! XD
    Love the group, especially Harmony (she reminds me of me [: )
    I’m glad we got intros for the characters, it does make it easier
    I just-I can’t wait!!! </3

  4. I acted like a teenage girl who just saw Justin Bieber walk down the street when I got the email an new post 😀 I luvvvvvvvvvvvvv<33333 it!!! Question why is Wisteria "plum/chubby"??

  5. I love Harmony’s personality! Wisty has such a big group of friends and I can’t wait to learn more about them. The introduction of all the sims was a good way to start off Wisteria’s gen. XD

  6. And you didn’t think it would work, you are rarely wrong but this time, WOW, were you wrong. The memories this will bring back to say the least will be interesting and exciting to relive. Harmony what can I say, ‘ to much of a good thing can be to much. As you said never my favorite, but she was a good friend, and hell’a funny and just as loud. Loving the whole thing.

  7. Wisteria is gorgeous, even if she does have a few more pounds on her than last time we saw her.

    And Tapestry makes my heart flutter.

    I loved the intro and can’t wait to read more about Gen 9. I squealed when I saw your new post on my blogroll. Welcome back!

  8. Seance is so cute!! OMB I probably stared at the one pic of him for about 5 minutes before I snapped out of it! lol hes definitely eye candy, and I just love Wisteria as well. I wish we couldve found out more about her tho but that will be soon to come! loved the update as always berry- glad your back, I was beginning to miss u too much! 🙂

  9. I loved this intro and YES you are a genius – I am sure I will be checking back here after every update. If only Agatha Christie had been so thoughtful, her books would make sense to me all the way through.

    Also, how thrilled am I that there is a caffeine addicted Candy Corn? I’m absolutely nothing like her (more or less), but yet – I identify strongly with Viola.

    And Wisteria…she is so dang pretty. Even though she looks so forlorn. <////3


    • ” I never would have survived those four agonizing years of life.” I think that quote might help explain why Wisteria has a sad face now and then, it is clear High School might not have been a fun time for her. Just a observation! I guess we will have to wait and see how thing unfold.

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  12. Oh my goodness, I have to say, I checked in here EVERYDAY since you went to Australia and I was starting to get a little bit worried you were never coming back >.<


  13. Oh I’m so excited for Wisteria’s generation! Viola is pretty awesome! I love that she’s “training for the link crew”, since I was in that as well! 🙂

  14. Welcome back Berry! 😀 Hope you had lots of fun!

    And WOW this intro was such a great idea! I love their personalities, and I actually recognize a lot of them from my own class, haha 😀

    Great chapter, and I can’t wait to read the rest of Wisteria’s generation!!

  15. where is violas hair from? i used to have it and i lost it and it is my favorite. I truly love all your postings. You are a wonderfully talented writer and I sincerely hope you never quit writing whatever it is you feel compelled to write. God Bless.

    • Thank you so much, I hope to be writing for a very very long time. :’) It is a peggy zone hair, but there is a retexture over at garden of shadows.

  16. Wow Wisteria Lace and I have alot in common. I can name people in my group of kids that i hang out and place they with the kids that she hangs out with. Also Harmony is like my friend Heather they are really loud and my mom gets annoyed at her and its really hard to tell her to be quiet. I am also a freshmen and its hard so i kind of know how she is right now! 🙂

  17. they hang out in Bubble Buzz!!!! ahhh that’s so cool!!! ^____^♥ I see Wisty already has a strong connection to the place :}
    you don’t know how much I adore the fact that Wisty isn’t size minus zero as so many simmers seem to use as the “norm”. I think she looks stunning, plump can actually be flattering! And I’m not not sure whether it’s the eyes or something, but I think she bears a strong resemblance to Apricot. anyone see it? :]
    oh those Chiffon genes, adorable as always.
    can’t wait for her generation to start!! and OMG.. you are getting close to 900k views already!!! One million by the end??

  18. Welcome back Berry!

    What a great introduction! I can already see a great story in the making.
    I love all your story lines, they all have a touch a realism. Love that!
    I have to say I am also very curious what you gonna do with the last generations. And of course what coming after this ends!

  19. Just so you know i hope Wes, doesn’t lose the weight, lol! as a chubby girl its nice to see a somewhat chubby heiress 🙂 She is beautiful! i can’t wait to see more about her story, and WOW such a large group of friends. It reminds me of my group of friends in high school, some of them i never honestly understood why they hung out with us when they would be just as happy with the other groups who seemed more suited to them.

  20. Yay! I love it!! I can’t WAIT for Gen 9 :D:D I think it’ll be a really good one, maybe even my favorite :O
    But I’ll have to wait and see because I still LOVE Papple’s Gen ❤
    Anywho, can't wait for chapter 1!!! :D:D

  21. OMG! I love the beginning! Describing the high school friends! I’m just starting high school and you’re right, staying in a small group is great! Wisteria is just soo cute! I love her when she’s chubby! XP

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