Chantilly Lace Chiffon… that is the incredibly long and complicated name I was blessed with, thanks to my mother and father. I never heard it in its full form very often though(only when I was in trouble) No. For as long as I can remember back, they just called me Lacey. I don’t remember much from my childhood sadly. The only clear memory I have from my young life is one of Peppermint Pier. That was the day of the accident. My mother says it was not my fault, but I know it was.


I was only three when it happened, but that memory will be burned into my mind forever. We were enjoying a lovely day at the pier. My mother and father loved that place. It was the most brightly colored place I can remember ever seeing. Red and White. It looked like a giant candy cane had been wrapped around the whole place. I should have stayed closer to mother that day, if I had my father might still be alive. Unfortunately I had decided to walk a little to close to the edge and before anyone could get to me I was pulled into the water.


My father saw me first and was already running to get to me when I was pulled in. I could see him running as I slipped under the water, I was so frightened. It seemed like an eternity that I was thrashing in the water trying to stay afloat. My father did finally get me out and my mother quickly scooped me up. She was so scared that I had gotten hurt, she did not even notice my father had been pulled under by a very nasty undertow.Β  The doctors said he hit his head on a large rock as he was pulled under and it was over fairly quickly. To this day I still take partial responsibility for that awful day.


Sorry for the total downer, but its kind of a necessary detail to understand what happened to my mother. After the accident she never did recover. She became obsessed with cleanliness. Everything we touched, used, looked at… had to be white. If it wasn’t crisp white. It was not clean. She bleached her teeth everyday just to keep them their whitest, and me? Well I was never allowed to leave the estate again. Trapped like a prisoner in my own home.


My only release was my painting. Even that was a joke. You have to be pretty creative when you are only given white paint. That only lasted so long though. When I got a little older, I kinda snuck into her purse one day and ordered in some REAL paints online. All the beautiful colors my life had been deprived of. It was not easy getting them into the house without her knowing, but Berry be praised I managed to do it. My closet was full of my beautiful colored works, I was so proud, and sad at the same time, I had no way to share them. I did have one friend, his name was Bubbie, but of course he was an online friend so I couldn’t really share them with him either.


Well it was only days before my 18th birthday when i had finally enough. This horribly boring and white washed life was about to send me over the edge to meet my mother. I kinda exploded at her.

“Mom, I hate this!”

“What ever do you mean honey?”

“I mean this white prison you have me cooped up in. You can’t shelter me forever!”


To my surprise she agreed with me.

“I know my love. I just don’t want to lose you, like we lost daddy.”

I hated when she called him daddy. It made me remember all over again. I think that was part of her technique to try keep me there.

“But seeing you are almost 18, there is not much I can do to keep you here. I wish you would stay, but if that is what you choose to do, I will not stop you.”

I told her I wanted to move to Sugar Valley. I honestly didn’t care where I moved to as long as it was away from Fondant Fields. What happened next I was not expecting. She said we owned a small vacation home in Sugar Valley and she said I could live there, but there was one condition.

“If you leave, you can never come back, and I will not help you any further. I will give you the house, but you will have to find a job and support yourself.”Β  I think she had hoped this would deter me, but it did not. I jumped at the chance and I took it.

On the day of my 18th Birthday, I packed a small bag of clothing and prepared for my very first life adventure.

Next stop Sugar Valley!


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  1. Ooh, interesting! My Spicey has a history, too, but I don’t know how much of it I’ll end up revealing.

    Rainbowcy’s have been around for a few years now, actually. I thought of doing one once with TS2 but never got around to it. TS3 makes it much easier to do. ^_^

  2. Oooh! I really like this introduction. It’s like reading a really good book that you can’t put down! I am going to read the rest of your story when I get off work. Keep up the great work, I just love it! πŸ™‚

  3. I wasn’t able to make a direct link to here from my blog. The link I have takes you to another link that does get people here.

    I did subscribe though and will receive updates. I think.

    I love this. All that bright white really gets ones attention.

    Dee aka selahfreeatlast

  4. Nicely written. All that white really does catch the eye and helps draw you into the story and her situation. I’m hooked.

    I’m subscribing so I get your updates via email. I hope it works.

  5. I am loving this story so far and it’s just the prologue! Thank you for linking to it in my thread in the sims forum (tiranaki from there). I will be linking to your blog from mine just so I can keep up easily.

  6. I’m so happy that you’re starting another story! A good and interesting begining to a legacy. I can’t wait to read more;)

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  8. That is good can’t wait to read on more you are a great writer keep it up. You could become a writer or maybe you already are because you have so many great comments and videos on YouTube they are so great. And also if my cousin reading reading this i would like to thank her for showing me this awesome website thanks for creating these storys I am so happy to read this. Oh an Id like to thank jessicaluvscookies (on the berrysweetsite)

  9. You know what would be interesting? If one of Olivine’s kids turned up with the hydrophobic trait, as kind of a tribute to Lacey and the genetics of the family. Or something like that, lolz.

  10. Aww.. that’s a really sad story =( Lacey is very pretty though and so is her name! too bad they call her Lacey, Chantilly is such a beautiful name!

    • The rules really are not that well defined XD Start with a neutral colored founder, White/grey/tan ect and each gen you marry in new color, (Color order is left up the creator) by the end you have a rainbow of generations, and the most interesting genetics you have ever laid eyes on. For the most part you follow traditional rules of a Legacy except you get to choose who they marry into the family.

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