Gen 1- Lacey: Chapter 1

Generation 1: Lacey


As I neared the stop to my new home, I was so excited and terrified at the same time. This was an incredibly huge step I was taking. I had only just become a young woman and did not really feel any different from yesterday when I was still only a girl, but If I could manage in the odd living situation I had at home, I could do this! I had no idea what to expect at this “vacation home”. I couldn’t ever remember ever going there personally.

The cab began to slow to a stop at my final destination and jumped out. I paid the cabby with the some of the money I had made from selling my paintings, and then gathered all of my belongings. Sadly I could carry everything on my person.


As I headed toward the house, the first thing I noticed was everything was white. Of Course. The place was almost completely empty too. There was a bed and bathroom amenities, but that was it. No fridge. No counters. Not even a chair. This was going to be very interesting.


So while I was checkin out my new digs, my phone rang (the only thing my mother offered to pay for). I was quite excited when I saw that it was Bubbie. He was so happy to know I was going to be living in town and just couldn’t wait for us to acutally get to meet up face to face. I was excited too until he said he wanted to meet at Peppermint Pier. I had never actually told him that little detail before, but after some quick coercing in my own head, I agreed.


When I got to the pier my tummy was beginning to growl. Luckily “The Pep” is a lot like a travelers dream. They have beds and showers and even a fridge! Not much to choose from, but when you are hungry you will eat pretty much anything. Looked like the special of the day was cold cereal. I was never allowed Sugar Snaps at home. They were so good!


So while I was waiting for Bubbie to arrive I decided to mingle a little. I have no idea where my social skills came from, I never really did have any friends before, but I thought it would be nice to get to know some folks. I noticed a real handsome guy and I figured it couldn’t hurt to say hello. Pocky seemed very kind. I learned that he and his wife Apricot had lived here almost all of their lives. If everyone in town was as interesting as him, well this was going to be a fun place to live!


I happened to look out the back window and I saw this extremely cute guy start his way up the back step. I paused. Oh my is that him? He was so cute! I had never actually seen a photo of him. Mother would not have allowed that, no way, no how. He saw me and quickened his pace. I felt my face flush.

“Lacey?” Oh man it was him! “Hi!”

“Hey you.” I smiled back.


We hung out for several hours chatting it up. He was just as easy to talk to in person as he was online. I was so engaged in the conversation I had almost completely forgotten about my fear of the water just off the other side of ridge. Almost. Ever since that awful day, I refused to get very close to open water, but I felt pretty safe there on that swing. As the sun was setting it started to get a little colder. I said my goodbyes and headed for home.


I did make one stop though. I passed an Art store on the walk home and to my wonderful surprise they had this incredibly beautiful hot pink easel for sale. Half Off! I did have a little money left over and decided this would be a good investment, and besides that it was pink! How awesome would it be to have a pink easel. I payed for my new treasure and went straight home to start a new project. New home, new easel, new friends! This was like a dream come true.


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  1. Great chapter Berry, loved it and can’t wait for more

    Alyssum, your BF is very naughty! or maybe he meant that in a benign way and I’m dirty… either way dirty thoughts are now in my head

  2. Wow! Your story has inspired me to start my own rainbowcy (: . I absolutely love your creations (from the Sims site) and I plan to use some of them in my town (with full credit to you of course). I love your work!

    • Wow thank you so much! It really makes my heart soar to hear that my work inspired you 🙂 I can’t wait to see your Rainbowcy!!

  3. Love the chapter Berry and I can’t wait to read more! It’ll be cute if she and Bubbie became more than friends, they’d make such a sweet couple;) Off to read chapter 3.

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  6. I need to leave a comment, just to tell you that putting this next to your newer writing is interesting, because you improved so, so much while writing Splash, hun. It was good here, but you got better, and now you’re amazing. Mwah.

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