Gen 1- Lacey: Chapter 3


Day three of throwing up and I started to get a little worried. I thought I had a weird stomach flu or something. It seemed to get worse at night, which was weird. I couldn’t put it off any longer, so I made an appointment with the doctors. That is when I discovered I wasn’t sick at all. I was pregnant. Doc Pepper said morning sickness doesn’t always happen in the day time. I left the office in a daze. What in the world was I going to tell Bubbie.


When I got home I had to fix a little lunch. Pregnancy was raging on my appetite. I had finally sold a few of works and gotten just enough money to get a fridge and a counter. It wasn’t much, but I could have not been prouder. I fixed a small salad and did my best to patiently wait for Bubbie.


When he finally got home I was rather discouraged to see he was not alone. Pocky was with him. That is acutally when I learned that Pocky was his academy partner. What a small world. It was nice to see him, but it really did put a cramp in my plans to tell Bubbie the…er good news?


When Pocky left, I gathered my nerve and dropped the baby bombshell. Needless to say he was shocked. He was silient for several minutes, just standing there with silly little grin. I waited in anticipation to find out his response. After the shock wore off he finally managed to say. “Well i guess I won’t be moving out anytime soon Will I?”


As my pregnancy progressed I was getting more accustomed to the idea of a little Bubbie or Lacey entering our lives. Bathroom didn’t seem to care I was preggers though and continued to give me fits. I finally got to a point where I just couldn’t work on that stupid sink any more. I would get too fatigued by the exertion.


I acutally went into labor on the day I was supposed to be having my shower, and WOW was that painful! I was in labor for almost 10 hours, but after all that work, little Roz Chiffon finally came into the world. A happy and healthy little boy that Bubbie and I had fallen in love with instantly.


I was so grateful for the wonderful shower that Vanilla-Mango and Blushberry threw for me. They both had left over baby items that they were ever so gracious to pass down to me. Little Roz now had a crib, a hamper, and even some toys! I was so appreciative I wanted to cry.


Shortbread was so excited about little Roz, she immediately offered up her babysitting services for a very reasonable price. I told her I would definitely keep her in mind, if I ever needed someone, but when I looked upon that little precious face, I knew I wouldn’t want to leave him ever.


I knew this little guy had captured my heart and there was no way I would be getting it back. Not that I would have wanted to.


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  1. Berry, I thought I should tell you first. I have stopped working on my story. It was just too difficult. I actually really want to do a rainbowcy, if thats okay?

  2. I love your story! I am totally hooked! šŸ™‚ I have been wanting to do a rainbowcy but I’m not really sure how. Is there like a town I can download and use with people that are already made?

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