Gen 1 – Lacey: Chapter 4


Now that Roz was a little older and I felt more comfortable taking him out and about,
he and I went for a little walk. We walked all around the neighborhood taking in the beautiful scenery. There sits a huge house that sits right next to ours. So Roz and I went to meet the neighbors. The house was owned by the Pinot Noir family. Merlot answered the door and invited us both in for tea…well the tea was for me. Such a nice man.


I realized very quickly I was going to have to be careful around this one. Sure I knew it was harmless flirting, but his wife Fairy may not have agreed. I suggested I come back a little later when everyone was home and maybe I could bring Bubbie. I shook Merlot’s hand and rushed Roz home, he was in dire need of a change.


When I got home I found Bubbie and his future boss practicing some questioning drills. Bubbie was just about ready to take his final exam and questioning was a huge part of the grade. Mulberry Muffin was brother to Vanilla-Mango and uncle to my friend Blushberry. He was nothing like his sister though, he was a very grumpy old man.

But even he could not resist the charm of little Roz. He loved that little guy I think almost as much as we did. He couldn’t help but smile every time he would pick him up. Uncle Mulberry and Roz were quite close.


Now that money was coming in a little more regularly for our household. My name was finally getting out there! I decided to take this relationship with Bubbie one step further. After Mulberry left for home, I proposed. Yup. I got down on one knee, the whole bit. It was acutally quite fun. I was never sure if he was playing the silly surprised girl on purpose, or maybe he was just that excited! Oh, and if you couldn’t tell he said yes.


That night when I tucked Roz into bed, the thought of us all being a real family made me grin ear to ear. “Good night little one.”


The night before our wedding I was completely exhausted for some reason. I hit the hay really early. I think it was only about 8:30 when I crashed. I had this sinking feeling I knew why, but I decided to wait until after the ceremony to tell Bubbie, so I could make sure.


The next morning, as I got my self ready, and right away I started to feel sick. I was a little nervous, but I knew that was not what this was about. At this point I was almost 100% sure I was pregnant again. Nothing I could do about it now, so I finished my make up and put on my dress. When the baby sitter arrived I headed to Maywood Glen.


It was quite a lovely ceremony. Very intimate. Only our closest friends were in attendance. He looked so amazing and I never felt more beautiful. “I now pronounce you Man and Wife.”


Since we had spent almost all of our extra money on the wedding itself, we did get to have a honeymoon. I was ok with that though, it was confirmed that I was indeed pregnant again and little Roz’s birthday was upon us. Life was to busy to go a way on some frivolous excursion.


Roz’s birthday came and went he grew into the most precious child I had ever layed eyes on. No I am not bias in the least bit. Its true! He had his daddys gorgeous pink hair and my eyes. He was a perfect combination of the two of us. The more he grew the harder I fell for that little darling.


He quickly became daddys little man and wanted nothing more than to be in his arms. In fact for a while there, Bubbie could barely find any alone time. Roz was right there wanting his attention. How could you say no to that little face? Well more often than not, he didn’t.


He was such a happy baby. I had always heard horror stories of children who just could not be pleased. Crying and throwing tantrums all day. Roz was nothing like that. You give him his bottle and he was happy until it was time for a change or “sleepies”. Awww my little angel.


To my utter excitement I found out that I was not the only one expecting another child. Blushberry and Tyson were also pregnant! She and I had so much fun hanging out and talking baby stuff! We took many trips to the baby stores, shopping and just having a blast! Best part was the little waffle shop on the way home. mmmm Blueberry Waffles…

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  1. Awe, I can’t wait to meet the new addition either! This is turning out to be such a cute, little story. All your characters are gorgeous and so creative, and your custom sets are pretty, too. It almost makes me want to start a similar town, but I know I’d never have the patience to get it all done. šŸ˜”

    Well, great job, keep it up! ^^

  2. Aw, Roz is such a cute toddler. And Lacey looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress! Can’t wait for the new addition to the family!

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