Gen 3- Chapter 1: Apricot Bloom


“Honey I just can’t get go over how much you look like your grandma.” I heard that all the time. I had seen a few photos of Gramma Lacey, I guess there was a pretty close resemblance. Only major difference was my crazy hair. I never could do anything with it. It just went where it wanted .That could be partially my fault. I do shampoo it 3 times a day most days. Probably dried it all out. Mom says it looked a lot like Peach Puff’s when she was a baby.

As you probably heard, I was a little but of a nervous Nellie for most of my child life. When I became a teenager, it really didn’t get that much better. I had learned to control my anxieties for the most part, but I would have relapses now and again. Dr. Blue had recommended I try using martial arts and yoga to help me center.


It acutally worked wonders. I found Sim Fu incredibly relaxing and the fact my 2 BFF’s in the whole world had joined up with me probably didn’t hurt either. Amanda and Pumello were just about the most awesome people I had ever met.


Although Sensei Dragon Tea was pretty amazing too. I owed so much to his teachings. He really did help me to learn how to control my worries. “Worry not on the past or the future my child. For only today is what we control. Live and feel the present moment.”


So that particular day was going along as most days did. We had been working drills on the training dummy. I happened to be paired up with Pumello that day. I had been practicing all week, so I could show off my mad skillz. I was kickin some serious dummy butt.


When Master Dragon Tea went to the opposite side of the room after class had ended, I decided it would be great time work on my impression. “Young Pumello, you must feel the chi. Harness it and then let it go.” It wasn’t that good, but we laughed and laughed anyways.


That was when it happened. After we had stopped laughing, our eyes met and I felt that tingle in the pit of my stomach. Oh No! I thought to myself. Not again! This was bad, bad, bad! I cleared my throat.

“Hey are you coming over tonight? Dad is making Veggie Burgers.”

“Mmmmm. I wish I could by mom needs me home for some stupid project thing.”

“Aww ok.”

I gave him a hug and waved goodbye.

“See ya!”


I made sure to say goodbye to Amanda and then I rode on home.


After I made sure my hands were extra clean, a bike ride across town makes for dirty hands you know.(I would have just died if I had smudged my paper.) I sat down to do my homework. I was checking my answers for the third time, when I realized I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing. All I could think about was Pummy. I stared at my paper even harder, hoping that would help, it didn’t.


It was certain memory that kept running through my mind though. It was of that wonderful day, where Pummy and I pledged our BBF oath.

“Best Friend Forever Through and Through, This You Pledge To Me and This I Pledge to you.”
“Best Friend Forever Through and Through, This You Pledge To Me and This I Pledge to you.”


Afterward we had gone up to my training room. I know, believe it or not, my parents were so amazed by massive improvement in my well being from the Sim fu and Yoga, they built me my own private sanctuary where I could practice. It was pretty sweet.

So we were working more drills on the dummy, when I slipped and dummy came back and smacked me right in the eye.

“Ow! I screamed as I clutched my face.

“Whoa! You all right dude?”

*Ughhh* “Ya I think so.”

“Here let me take a look.”


I dropped my hands from my face so he could look. He reached out and gently placed his hand on my cheek so he could turn my head into the light. The moment his fingers touched my face I felt the tingles.

“Hmmm, I think you are gonna… be ok.” He replied as he pulled his attention from my cheek back to my face.


We moved in closer, my heart was racing 100 miles an hour.

“Thanks.” Thanks? That was all I could say? Nice Apricot.

Our faces were getting even closer, when someone busted through the door.


Ok not exactly someone, more like someones. You would have thought the circus was in town and everyone was going. Peche, Sunset both came in to talk to Pumello about something, and then not long after Peach Puff came in wanting to study.

“Hey is it all right if I crash in here while I study? I get better grades when I work in here.”

“Uhhh I guess so.”

We never spoke of that day again, but I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if had not been interrupted.


Life was moving along pretty steadily for the rest of the fam. Peche Jr. Had his birthday party not to long after “the indecent”. I stayed inside until he blew out the candles. I really don’t like candles. They could easily start a fire and then engulf the whole house. Scary.Β  O.O


Mom thought he was sooooo handsome. Ehhh… he still looked like my bro, just older.


Peche Jr. was a lot like Dad. He was really into cooking. After he graduated, he told Dad that he wanted to go to culinary school, so he could be a famous chef just like him. I had tried his food a few times. Not bad really. He and Dad spent many hours watching the cooking channel, learning all kinds of new recipes.


While the guys sat there watching their shows, poor mom was on the phone for hours taking care of the last arrangements for Seashell and Precious’s wedding.

“No I need those flowers delivered at 10 am, not 10 pm. Who in Berry’s name has a wedding at 10 at night?!”


All of her tedious planning really payed off, the wedding was just lovely. Seashell looked so handsome, and Precious was absolutely stunning. I fell in love with her lovely pale pink dress.


“Respecting each other, we commit to live our lives
together for all the days to come.
Precious, I ask you to share this world with me, for good and ill.
Be my partner, and I will be yours.”


“Respecting each other, we commit to live our lives
together for all the days to come.
Seashell, I ask you to share this world with me, for good and ill.
Be my partner, and I will be yours”


That first kiss was so sweet! You could hear all the Awwwwwws in the crowd.


I looked over to the boys. My mind starting wandering again. What would my wedding be like if I were to marry Pumello? I was quickly brought back to reality though, when I saw the concern on Sunset’s face and his constant watch checking. Renae still had not arrived.


After the wedding, Sunset went outside to check his phone. He had received a emergency message during the ceremony and he ran out the front of chapel to return it. I could see him through the window. His eyes were as wide as saucers. I was just about to go out and check on him, when he hung up the phone.


He dropped the phone as he started to cry. Not just cry he was sobbing uncontrollably . I felt my stomach drop. What ever was happening was really bad. I had never seen my brother cry before…ever. I went out to see him this time, but he didn’t want to talk.

“I’m sorry *sniff* Apricot I need *sniff* to talk to Mom.”


He entered the chapel and made a bee line for Mom. He stopped right before her and dropped his head.

“Mom?” His voice was shaking.

“Whats wrong love?” Her tone was full of concern.

“Mom *sniff* Renae is gone. She was on her way to the church when she was in an accident. Mom, What am I gon—”Β  Β He started sobbing all over again. I had never heard such painfully sad crying. It was so sad it made me cry. We all huddled around and held him close.

“Oh Honey, we are so sorry.”

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  1. My apologies. I would have never made this chapter this sad, but my game decided it was going to corrupt my Splash save. I lost all of the town, except the main house and few other key players. I hopefully have fixed the problem enough that I can continue the story. Again Sorry for the total downer! I think you can feel my mood today in this chapter lol.

  2. O.O Pumello got hot. In a really unique way, too. Like I like looking at him.

    And Renae! Perhaps Sunset will set on bringing her back from the dead? ;D

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve ha trouble with your game Berry. I hope you can continue the story πŸ˜€

    Ooh, poor Sunset, I wonder if he will return to be a ladies man now that Renae is gone, or if he will be more humble in his love affairs… Interesting twist even if it wasn’t deliberate πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Tota. I will continue the story as long as I am able. I am just hoping “Lacey’s Time” save isn’t going to corrupt on me also.

  4. poor Sunset.. ;_;
    I feel most obliged to jump into your game and give him some healing, the right way..
    did I just say that?
    oh, dear..

    I was glad to see Mango has survived!! :3

  5. I’m happy that the main family are alright, including Mango, Yeah!!

    I wonder who else is gone, is Carmine alright? What about Roz and Nikisha?

    What about Misty and Tea Rose?

    Please don’t say all of them are gone 😦

    • on the 15th picture we can see Roz’s and Nikisha’s son, if I’m not mistaken.. chances are they are allright ^_^
      as is Carmine, I believe it’s his back we see on the last picture.. or maybe it’s Roz’s..

  6. Have been reading every part obsessively. I’m so sorry you’ve had trouble with your game, I really really hope it hasn’t ruined everything. Your great writing has inspired me to start playing the sims again, thanks!

    • Yes… I had a copy of mango that I used for the wedding, pretty much all the spares that were moved out were old copies that I aged accordingly. I guess I forgot to make her a full adult lol.

      Thank you again everyone for your support. I really appreciate it. ❀

  7. Trouble with the game sure did make an interesting twist though! I literally yelled out loud “OH NO!” Its amazing how much I love these characters. Espically Apricot. She is so pretty and adorable. I can’t wait for moreeeeee.

  8. ahhh…. noooo… stupid buggy game…

    Its amazing how much better my game does on my jacked up on steroids Mac… I even have a 27 in monitor on this booger… πŸ™‚

    Great/Sad chapter… Oh and Berry, I have my berry sims for download except for Aloe but he is coming very soon as well.. You can put Angel as the second heir on my banner, she won fair and square.. πŸ™‚

  9. Aww, I love this chapter! I’m glad you were able to save some of your characters, but…oh no, poor Sunset! Curse you, buggy games! -shakes fist at sky-

    However, I like the way you twisted it in order to make her dissapearance as a result of the game into a part of the story. Nice job!

  10. O.O” Poor Sunset.

    I am sorry that your acted up. At least you managed to get all of what you had back. That is at least a bit of silver lining I suppose.

  11. i hope that your able to continue the story okay, i’m really loving it. i like how everyone is so enthusiastic in the second pic *sarcasm

    despite the short chapter there’s a lot going on, hopefully there wont be a l0ng wait until the next bit

  12. Pumello is a very handsome teen, Apricot sure knows how to pick em! im so sorry about you losing your game data thats just rotton luck. i hope you can get everything figured out.

  13. aw, sorry you lost almost everything berry 😦 poor sunset, i hate when simmies cry, they look so helpless 😦 pumello is super adorbs! i miss his curly hair, but he’s still smokin! lol.

  14. Sorry to hear about your game but it made for an interesting twist. Hope you get things worked out, I’d hate to see the end of your stories. 😦

  15. It was a really good chapter.

    So sorry to hear that your game corrupted the town except for a few families. At least the main family is still there but poor Sunset.

    Good luck with continuing the story in spite of your glitch.

  16. WOW, I actually screamed out loud when I read that she had died. I was kind of shocked that you would throw in that huge of a twist, but then when you explain that you lost everything and that you had to make up for it somehow I’m actually quite surprised that you were able to do it so well. I think I might have to make a copy of my family from now on just incase!! You never really know what will happen. Great chapter anyway, I did enjoy that you jumped forward in time a bit too.

  17. I am so sorry about your game!
    My family was about to have a baby and then the game exited completely. It’s really, really aggravating.
    I hope you can work everything out!
    It was a really great chapter. =)

  18. Aaargh stupid game crashes!!! I was so sad when I heard about Renae cause she and Sunset make such a good couple. Hope the legacy still continues and thanks for checking out my legacy I have chapter 1 up now.

  19. That sucks so much that your game did that. 😦
    But, such a cute chapter until the end.

    Pumello…:o What happened? HE GOT HOT!
    I am happy for Precious and Seashell, but I feel SO SO SO bad for poor Sunset.

  20. OH MY BERRY NO! You know how attached I get! Hopefully you will get to continue! I love to see what colors all the babies turn! Apricot is so beautiful by the way!

  21. My god, Sunset is a hot bunch of pixels! I’m sad his fiance died… But now he’s single!….Ooops, did I say that out loud? O_o;

  22. P.S. Where do you get such beautiful hair from? I must know. :3
    P.S.2 Cherry’s lips are a very exotic colour, is it lip gloss? It seems to run in her family’s generation.

    • Thanks for reading! I use the sims 3 hair blog for all of my hair. Her lips are just the lips that come with the skintone/faces I use. (Rose Sims)

    • Never Mind! Somehow I skiped the rest of Gen. 2 and missed the whole Renane Girl. Now that I know who she is..thats sad and sorry you lost your files and things. That happened to me once but I got back on track pretty soon.

  23. I’m so sorry that you lost most of your town! Glad to see that you’re pushing through πŸ™‚

    The Sim Fu bit is an awesome idea for Apricot’s anxiety issues, your extra sets and characters amaze me!

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