Gen 4- Chapter 5: Saffron Sugar


I wish I could say when Orange returned home, that everything went back to normal. Sadly it didn’t. In fact she was only home for three nights, when she had the mother of all “incidents.” She was convinced she was engulfed in flames and continued to scream while she tried to put herself out. My father did his best to hold her down until the professionals could arrive. With in 20 minutes, they had managed to get her into the back of the van and take her back to Fraise Falls Sanitarium.


This time her stay was much longer. Almost a year. We all went to visit when we could, but Mom…she went to see her almost everyday. Sometimes all she got to do was watch her sleep. Deep down I think a part of her felt it was her fault. For what reason we had no idea. There was no way for us to know what would of happened to Candi. Daddy felt bad enough, and it was not his fault either!


It almost broke Moms heart to see her like that. I am just glad she was not there to see the “indecent” that put her into that place again. Unfortunately Moms disconnected mood didn’t seem to improve. We thought for sure after a few months she would feel a little better, but we were wrong. I knew that Mom would not be happy until her baby was back at home.


A lot of things happened in the time that Orange was away. Persimmon, Pumpkin and I celebrated our 18th birthday. Well… we didn’t actually celebrate. Didn’t seem right knowing that Orange was out there suffering while we were at home partying and eating cake, you know? We did spend it together though. Hugs all around and a brief moment of silence for our beloved sister.

“May she come home soon.”


Gramma also made her way up to the Berry Side Layer. She went peacefully in her sleep. We all missed her, but poor Pumpkin took it incredibly hard. I reminded her that, now her and Pappa could be together again, and she felt a tiny bit better.


Dad was still fighting fire and saving lives. We are all so very proud of him. He had the highest recovery rate of anyone on the team. There was even talk that he might take over as Fire Chief when Chief Mould retired.


I was still busy with my painting. I had created some amazing pieces. How could I not? I had amazing inspiration. The boy from my dreams. Those gorgeous yellow eyes. Some of my work was actually getting noticed! I had received a few calls from the Silverberry Gallery in Sugar Valley. They were eager to display one of my earlier works in their up and coming wing.


Persimmon still spent most of her time on that berry blessed computer. Things were getting more and more serious between her and her online love, and now that we had graduated, his plan of coming to visit was acutally reaching fruition.

P3rsimm0n245: Can’t wait to see you!

R0m3o5Ip: Me too, Sugar Candy!


Even though Pumpkin did move past the passing of Grammy. She still chose to spend a lot of time hanging out with her and Pappa’s headstones.

“I know they can hear me. Somewhere out there, and I always feel better after a nice talk with Grammy.”


Which brings us back to Mom again. When she wasn’t working or visiting with Orange, she was on the phone trying her darnedest to get Orange back home. It took almost the whole year for her to convince them, that her good behavior was a sign that she was improving.

“Yes I understand, but could you just maybe consider the possibility.”

“Mrs. Chiffon we would love to send Orange home just as much you would, but there are protocols we have to follow. What if she were to have another indecent while you were away at work. She is going to need constant supervision for at least the first 6 months.”

“What if I were to hire someone to watch her?”

“Hmmm…with professional supervision, we may be able to work something out. Ok first, we will need copies Β of all of their credentials and two forms of ID. After our background check is completed, we will call you with more information.”

“Oh! Thank you so much!”

“You are very welcome Mrs. Chiffon. You have a wonderful day now.”


Two weeks later, Orange was on her way back home. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I had just finished my greatest work (in my opinion anyways) to date, when the doorbell rang.

“Honey can you get that!” Mom called from her bedroom. “I will be down in just a minute or two!”

“Isn’t Persimmon like right by the door?”

“Most likely.”

*Sigh* “Fine.”

SSC130 SSC131

As I passed the completely oblivious Persimmon, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “No No…don’t get up. I got it.”

*Clickety Click Click*

I opened the door, and almost had a mini aneurysm, when I saw who was standing on the other side.


Mr. Dreamy himself!


I couldn’t mask my giddiness. “OMB HI!!” I squealed.


“Uhhh. Hello? Is this the Chiffon residence?”


In an instant I realized. He didn’t recognize me! Then I started to doubt myself. Maybe I was mistaken, maybe this wasn’t the guy. He was a lot older than my dream boy had been. Luckily the awkward silence was broken up by my mother.


“Oh Good Nurse Lemon-Tart you’re here.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

I watched Mom and “Nurse Lemon-Tart” (Blast it all I still didn’t know his first name!) talk for a few more moments, before I noticed how incredibly creepy I had been acting and took two slow steps back and bolted to my room.


I slammed the door and let out a small yelp. “Oh man, Oh man, Oh man. No way! Ok…Breath Saff.”

“Dude whats the matter with you. You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.”


Rose looked up from her book with one eyebrow raised. “Did I miss something?”

“Rose! I think….well, I am pretty sure that… Well.”

“Whoa, whoa slow down turbo!”


I stopped my hyperventilating and purposefully slowed down my speech. “Rose. Right now downstairs. Is Mr. Dreamy.”

“Mr. Who?”

“You know!!” I broke into a small off key rendition of Dream Lover. “Dream lover come rescue me.”

“NO WAY!!”

She ran straight out the door before I could stop her.

“Rose! Wait!”


When I got down the stairs, I found her peaking around the corner. I slipped in front to have a look too. It was him! It had to be! Same sunny hair and those gorgeous eyes! Even behind his glasses you could see them.
He was sitting on the sofa with Orange and my mother. He was so handsome. I could feel my heart flutter. My train of thought was interrupted by Rose.

“Soo..” she whispered.


“Soo what?” I whispered back.

“What are you still doing here?”

“Rose I don’t think he has any idea who I am. I almost jumped him outside and there was not even a glimmer of realization on his part. I just looked like a total fruit loop.”

“Dude! You dream about this guys for ages. You drive all the way to Sugar Valley to find him, and now he his here. In your living room, and you are not even gonna talk to him.”

I didn’t want to admit it, but she was right.


I gathered my courage, straightened out my blouse and formally entered the living room. I walked up to Mr. Dreamy and waited for him to finish what he was saying, as I did so, I looked to Rose who was giving me a thumbs up. I turned back and he was looking straight up at me.


“Oh Glaze. This is my daughter Saffron. Saffron this is Glaze Lemon-Tart.”

“Yes we met briefly outside. Hello again.”

“H-hi. I was wondering if I could….” I looked back at Rose pleadingly. She nodded and motioned with her hands.

“Could I speak with you for a moment?”


We walked out the sliding glass door and onto the patio.


“Do…you remember me?”

“Remember you? You mean from an hour ago? Yes.”

“No. That is not exactly what I mean. I-”


“Look, Saffron is it?”


“I need to stop you right there. My job here is purely professional. Now if you would excuse me, I need to get back to Orange.”


I felt my heart sink into my shoes.

“Yes of course. Pardon me.”

I watched as Glaze walked back into the room and was greeted again by my mother. As I passed through the living room, I kept my head down. Though I did catch some of their conversation as I went back up the stairs. “Yes well hopefully we will be able to get Orange acclimated back to living here on her own, but it could take some time.” Great…


Rose followed me back to my room. “So what happened?”

“He has absolutely no idea who I am. Thats what happened.”

“Oh Saff. I am sure he will come around.”


I wanted to believe her with every fiber of my being, but the look on her face pretty much said the exact opposite.

“I don’t think he will Rose.”


60 responses

  1. *gasps* NOES! Come on Dreamy, don’t cha’ remember? Sigh… I hope he will. The girls are gorgeus as usuall.Can’t wait to see Persimmon’s dream-boat. I feel so sorry for the parents.. When I read this chapter, this song went perfectly. For Saff, and Orange.:

    Take a look!

  2. I didn’t think it was possible, but your men just keep getting better! I LOVE Glaze!!!! He looks like he could be Lemone’s sibling! I love love love yellow Berry Sweets!

  3. omb! I knew it’d be him when they talked about getting a nurse and stuff! Idunno how, but I did. And I was soooo sad when he didn’t recognize her!! T-T

  4. You know, I didn’t think he was as cute in her dreams. But now I think he is a handsome bundle of lemony-tartness πŸ˜€ She’ll get him, I believe in her. OR maybe Orange will. Haha That’d be a big twist.

  5. Meh, it’s going to be a happy ending, anyway, unless some other yellow-fruit inspired guy comes along…like Pa Paya, the World Renown Surgeon who reads to orphans on Saturday, chews the food for the elderly, and gives the clothes off his back to the homeless on Sundays. He also weight lifts SHIRTLESS (because he gave them all away) and can cook….Wait, that’s STILL a happy ending. Never mind. Lol.

  6. it’s so unfair how some things work out and others don’t. Saffron has another long-awaited battle to fight for her man……
    if it’s really him.

    Could you put him on the exchange? not right now, but like by the end of the month? I’d like him for my simself…


  7. i think that even if he doesnt know who she is there could still be a chance for them! im glad that orange is home and i hope that things will get better for her now with her own nurse and the whole family there to help.

  8. *Sigh* Orange is stuck in asylum, Cherry Blossom has died and then when Glaize comes, he doesn’t even know Saffron. Poor Saffron 😦

    Still though, things have to get much better than they are now, right???

  9. RIP Cherry… will be missed. I’m so happy that Orange is coming home, but what is up with that sour tart Glaze?! OMB, he already thinks Saffron is off her rocker, what ever will he think if he stumbles across her Mega sized artwork with his face plastered all over it, lol?!

  10. OH Man – i cant believe she has found him and he does not want anything to do with her – that really sucks! I am sure he will come around though. Lucky Orange having such a hot Sim looking after her πŸ™‚

    On another note, RIP Cherry. I cant believe you lived so long x

  11. She may have an uphill battle to get Glaze Lemon-Tart to be her man. I do feel terrible for Orange and I hope she comes home soon. RIP, Cherry.

  12. When i saw Glaze come at the door, I was like Berry No you can’t make him Persimmion’s lover that is like woah. But hahaha Nurse..that is really funny. I wish he could remember her, think Glaze THINK!

  13. oh poor saffron! i hope glaze remembers her! it’s so sad that orange has so many problems now. i feel so bad for her 😦

    i love the song “dreamlover” by mariah carey. i thought that reference was so cute!

  14. I’m so sad that Cherry Blossom is gone! She was my favorite generation (along with apricot)
    I hope dream boy remembers Saffron!

  15. hmm i know this has probably been asked before, but what program do you use to edit your photos? theyre breath-taking 8D
    oh, and i know you said that your settings are as high as they can go, does this make the game run slower and load time take longer?

    • I use a program called Photo impact pro. Something I bought a few years ago that seems to have gotten more use since I started writing than it ever did before! lol As for the other…it doesnt for me, but my dad kinda bought me a new computer that was much more capable of simming, so I could make machinima. Its pretty fast!

  16. OMB!! I like the nursey part of the story, of course. I hope Orange makes a full recovery, but hope Glaze doesn’t fall for her.. Poor Saffy.

    RIP Cherry.. I’ll miss her. What’s your life span set on. The average of 90 or more, because she lived A LONG TIME.. πŸ™‚


  17. Am I the only one who thinks Glaze actually knows who Saffron is, but is only pretending not to?
    β€œ….My job here is purely professional….”
    That hints that he knows where that conversation was going to go.

    • Oh no you’re not. I also figured that out today! πŸ˜€

      (By the way, I have actually been following this legacy for a long time, but I didn’t comment until now… sorry. And I am also sorry if my english is bad. :P)

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