Gen 6- Chapter 3 Part 1: Olivine Bloom


“Ummm Guys?”


“Don’t you think its a little crowded in here?”


Everyone and I mean everyone, decided they needed to use the big mirror at the exact same time as me. It was like a wave of bodies rushing to the bathroom. For what reason we were even worried about “getting ready” for this trip, I’m not sure. We were going out all right, but it was a beach camping trip. No real need to gussy up for a trip where you are going to be getting wet, and most likely gonna have your hair blown around right? Well even so, we were all up in there getting pretty.


Patina had wandered in wanting to make sure that her teeth were pristine. She had a serious complex about dirty teeth. I had never met a girl before her, who actually brushed after every meal and snack! All of that hard work really paid off though, her smile was gorgeous! She was quite the little perfectionist.


We weren’t even sure if Chanty was even going to be able to make it. Her parents were not so keen on the idea of a weekend beach trip with no parental supervision, but after some shameless begging, pleading and promising, she was able to pull it off.


Now when Tiber strolled in, I definitely did not complain. In fact I was secretly stoked when I saw his little cutey face walk through the door. Since there were MANY others in the room though, I totally played it cool. I gave him a little smile and took a small step to the left to make room.


He opened one of the drawers and pulled a bottle of cologne from it. Couple of light spritzes later and I could  smell the sexy fragrance filling my nostrils. Seriously may have been the hottest smelling cologne ever. I took in a big whiff. So yummy!

Luckily people had started to vacate the room about the same time.


Once I made sure that everyone had gone, I took the chance to step in a little closer. I took another big whiff of that intoxicating scent.

“Ok…that smells wayyy to good!” I cooed.

“Oh Ya?”

“Uhh ya! The girls are going to be all over you. We will have to beat them off with a stick.”

“Hah! Ya right.”


That was pretty much the same scene, that played out every time I went to visit. Penny and I were “visiting her family” almost every other weekend, so we had been to the boys apartment many, many times. Each trip as as the last. Nothing I enjoyed more than hanging out with my fav guy. I absolutely adored that boy, and I think he kinda liked me too. We were always playing around and finding ways to be near each other. I was crushing ridiculously hard.


Major crush. Ya know… I don’t even think crush was a strong enough word for how I felt. He and I shamelessly flirted all the time, and I loved every little second of it. For the time being though, playful flirting was definitely as far as we were taking it. We had a ton of fun, but after the whole Melon thing, I was definitely not going to just jump right into something else. Especially not with my cutey buddy. No, not right away, anyways.


After a little while, we were finally all ready to go. Well almost everyone…


“Seriously…where the Berry is Melon? He’s been gone since yesterday. He said he was coming. So where is he?”

Melon had been MIA for almost a full day and night. He wasn’t answering his phone and wasn’t responding to anyone’s texts. According to Tiber and Haze this was really out of character for him. Oh he would go out and be gone for a day sometimes, but they could always get a hold of him. One way or another. Not this time though, none of us had a clue what had happened to him.


Me personally really could have cared less if they found him or not. I was still peeved over the whole party situation, so it would not have broken my heart in the slightest to leave him behind.


Just about the time everyone was about to give up on him and just go, we heard keys jingling outside the front door. Melon opened he door slinking inside looking…looking completely destroyed. I’m not gonna lie, he looked freakin awful. Haze jumped up from the couch.


“Jeeze man, where have you been? You look… exhausted.”

“I was out.”

“Ok…We are headin out now, if you aren’t down for the trip, thats cool.”

“Let me go get my stuff.”


We all watched as he dragged himself to his room. He went inside for about 5 min and then reemerged with his camping gear. With that, the rest of us gathered our things and headed for the cars. Next stop was North Candy Cane beach, Sugar Valley!


We arrived at the beach about mid day. The particular spot they had chosen was super quiet. No one else around for miles. Most people camped closer to the pier, so this place was like a little private beach. It was awesome! By the time we had the tents set up, it was just about lunch time.


Since Haze worked at a grocery store, more specifically working the pit grill out front, we let him handle the grilling of the hot dogs. Wise decision on our part, they came out quite delicious.


All the girls knew right away how we wanted to spend our afternoon. Getting tan of course!! We finished our lunch and then went to our tents to slip into our suits. The weather was gorgeous. Not to hot, perfect for sunbathing. Lounging with my favorite girls, this was the life. About 20 minutes in, the sun was beginning to make me extremely drowsy, I could feel my eyelids starting droop. I had almost drifted off into a peaceful nap when Patina’s voice yet again caught my ear.


“Ok Livy spill it.”

“Huh?” I tilted my head over in her direction, peaking over the top my shades. Pretending I had not a clue what she meant. “Spill what?”

“Girl don’t play like that. You know I am talkin about, you and Tiber?” She chortled.

Just the utter of his name set the butterflies in my stomach a flutter. I turned my attention to the distant waves trying to conceal the huge grin that was beginning to form across my face. “There is nothing to tell.”


“I don’t believe you.”

Somehow my already huge grin was only growing larger.

“You two are always hanging on each other. Dude he’s so into you. You two gonna hook up or what?”

“I don’t know.”

“You like him, thats obvious. Girl you need to get it on that!”



“What are you lovely ladies giggling about over here?”

I almost jumped out of my seat. Oh man, I prayed to Berry he hadn’t heard any of the conversation we were just having. Before I had chance to say anything, Penny chimed in first.


“Oh nothing important. Just Olivines love life… You know boring stuff. Right Liv?”

I shot her the most evil glare I could muster. If looks could kill, the grim reaper would have been coming to collect her soon enough. Luckily, he either didn’t hear the comment or chose to ignore it.

“Cool. Anyone wanna come with me for a dip? The water feels great!”


Now it was Chanty’s turn to get it on the fun.

“I think I’m good. But I bet Olivine will go with you.”

By this time I had just given up. My cheeks were yet again set a blaze. Thankfully Patina had my back.

“I’ll go!” She exclaimed, jumping from her lounger and grabbing my hand. “Come on Livy come with me.”



We spent the rest of the afternoon splashing and playing in the sunshine. I got a little more Tiber time which made me happy and Patina was always a blast to hang around with. So it was really a win win situation. I was mentally thanking her for dragging me into this. I love you Patina!


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