Gen 6- Chapter 7 Part 2: Olivine Bloom


“Ok ok! hehehe. Umm lets see… Its Tues March 14 at about uhhhhh 9:30 am, and this is day…what day is it love?”


“This is day fourteen of trying teach our little pumpkin to walk. I have the camera today, because we are pretty sure this is the big day!”

“Right dear?”

“Thats right!”

“Ok Sweetie! You ready? Come to Daddy?”

“OH Oh oh!!! She did it! Do you see that folks! She did it!!”

“I did daddeeee!”

“You sure did sweet pea! Look. Look over here. Say Hi Mommy!”

“Hi Mommee!!”

“Hi angel! Can you say, I’m a big girl now?”

“I’m a beeeeg gurrrl!”

“Yay! Very good!”

After sitting down to watch some old home movies of my grandmothers, I quickly realized I was not ready for it. The moment I saw my Great grandmother and Great grandfather come on the screen, I totally lost. I was trying to keep it together for grandmothers sake, but I was a little less than successful.

Poor Grandmother was having just as hard of time. She wiped a tear from her and sniffed. “Why did we want to do this again?”

I laughed weakly at her attempt to lighten the mood. “Well I think we thought it would help. Its not is it?”

*Sniff* “No.”

Even though we both desperately wanted to flip it off we kept on watching.

We had just returned home from Great Grandfather Pummys funeral. The most excruciating experience of my little life, and I had been through a lot by that point. It was a chilly Saturday morning. Family and firends and some people I didn’t even recognize came to show their respects. We knew it would happen one day, but even knowing we were not prepared when it finally came to pass.

“Thank you all so much for coming. I know Dad would be so glad to see you all here together in one place. I am supposed to say a few words on his behalf, and when they asked me to do so, I had to laugh. A few? I could go on forever, but for everyone else’s sake i will do my best to keep it brief. What can I say about my Father? He was the most amazing and and loving man I had ever known. My mother use to say, he was the tether that kept her grounded to this world. I guess it is a good thing she was able to go before him. I am not sure how she would have ever handled all of this without him. He, just like the rest of us have seen our share of heartache, but Dad always did his best to stay positive and more than once helped to keep us on the right path. He saved many lives along the way, on the job and off, and I just want to take this time now to tell him, Dad I love you and will miss you so very much.”

It was so touching, there was barely a dry eye in the whole place. At that point, I was still keeping it together, but Emerald pulling on my arm was making things increasingly harder.

After Grandma has finished, she came over to us, her head still low, grief written all over her face.

“It was beautiful Grandma.”

She never said a word, she just collapsed into my arms and started to sob heavily. I did my best to comfort her, but we were all hurting and nothing we could say or do was going to fix it.

We laid apricot colored roses before his headstone and paid our last respects.

I couldn’t hold back any longer, not that I really needed to. He was very dear to my heart and I swear it didn’t hurt half as bad when Great Grandmother had died, and I loved her just as much. I cupped my face in my hands and the let tears take care of the rest. R.I.P. Grampy Pummy, you will be missed more than you will ever know.

“Orange dear!”

“Ya Mom!”

“Can you come here a second please? I need you to hold a camera!”

“K. In a second.”

“Hello there sexy.”

“Well hello there.”

“Just had to come over here and tell you something.”

“Oh ya?”

“Ughhh MOM!! Really?!?”

“Just a second!”


“I love you.”

“I love you too baby, Best Friend Forever Through and Through…”


99 responses

    • not exactly sure. He kinda disappeared from the BP save which is where his age was most accurate.. =o I would guess on regular lifespan close 120.

  1. Awwww I’m a mess, blubbering over here. It was so perfect. We’ll all miss Pummy tremendously. Can’t imagine how you’d be taking it, he’s been there for so long.

  2. *sniffles* He cant die Berry im crying both of them are dead now its so sad they had such a good story R.I.P Pummy were gonna miss you buddy *sniffles*

  3. That was beautiful Berry but why’d you have to go and make me cry. How am I ever going to explain at work that I’m sad because Pummy’s dead *sniffle* darn you *shakes fist in rage* you fantastic writer you.

  4. Arr that was such a sad chapter. But he had lived for a very very long time so i am not surprised he has passed away. Beautiful though sad scene at the funeral. Well done for creating such a fab scene Berry x

  5. OMB, as soon as I saw the home movie at the beginning, I was like, “No way!? He died didn’t he!?” and immediately started crying. 😦 Saddest. Chapter. Ever. Pummy was one of my most favorite people in the whole family. RIP. D: I love the way you did the home movie of them, such a great tribute.

  6. No… 😥

    I got goosebumps while reading this chapter. So amazingly written. Thank you for everything Pummelo… rest in peace.

    (I know I’m not supposed to laugh, but Orange Blossom’s comments in the last scene was so funny! :’D)

  7. I refuse to “like” this!!!


    Pummy, you sexy, kind-hearted beast.. you will be missed, I tell ya! missed! .>

    • I swear I need to remind myself NOT TO USE BRACKETS!
      here we go again~

      I refuse to “like” this!!!


      Pummy, you sexy, kind-hearted beast.. you will be missed, I tell ya! missed! <333

      *wanders off to slap Tigra in the face for not being at his funeral*

  8. Pummyyy!!!! (this is Stephanie812 from the forums) Nooo! When I saw the home movie at the beginning I was like “no way..he died didn’t he?” But the scene at the end finally made me cry. I hope Livi was listening to it carefully, because Pummy and Apricot were best friends, falling in love was very special to them. So hopefully, Livi will marry her best friend (if there is one, that is) 🙂

    Great, amazingly awesome but sad chapter!!!

  9. I have never signed in to comment before but I had to this time. Awww!!! When I read the ending “Best Friend Forever Through and Through…” I started bawling! Apricot and Pummy were my favorite. When I first found out about a pastel rainbowcy, Pummy and Apricot were teenagers. I read the first chapter to gen 3 before reading anything else. I have to go reread generation 3 now. ….so sad…

  10. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
    Not Pummy! 😥 I won’t say this is the saddest chapter, although it certainly makes top ten. (Saddest chapter ever would be when both Lacey and Bubby died in the same chapter <{3)
    I have an idea to pay homage, though! At the end of the ten generations, you should do awards! There could be awards like longest life span (definitely goes to Pummy!) and other awards that we could vote on like best generation and best heir! (And smexiest elder! But I think someone already gave that one to Peche xD )

  11. WHY! OMB! I was sad when Apri and Peche died but I was completely sobbing after this chapter! Pummy will be missed. R.I.P Pummelo. Why do you have to be such a good writer and go on and make ne cry, Berry? For cryin out loud I’m 13 and you’ve got me crying haha. But once again amazing chapter 😉

  12. OMG! Pummy, I didn’t see that coming … I thought that sweet old man was going to live forever. Thanks for the heads up on the Kleenex! Dam I needed it!!
    You, you, you git me!!!

  13. such a sad chapter! I still remember when pummy gave apricot her necklace. I cant believe how far along we are in the chiffon legacy!
    good bye pummy, you shall be missed.

  14. I love the end, mom and dad look so young in there video, your work is totally amazing! I love the way you made the video, it has a real home movie feel to it. Good job, I’m not sure where you got your talent, but you got it!!! I know where you out you beauty, lol, but not your talent. And baby girl you are hella talented!!! ❤

  15. -Doesn’t Like The Gen. 5 Remake From A Female’s Point of View-
    No offense, I love this story, but I kind of saw the exact same thing in Generation 5…

    • That would be quite boring if that how this was gonna go wouldn’t it? Gosh maybe we should wait and see what happens first. I thought you would have more faith in me *sob sob*


    • makes me wonder what you’ve been reading, because when I last checked, Honey and Pineapple were fighting for their love and against the arranged marriage the Bitter family had set up for her.
      to me, this clearly differs from what Lily’s been going through..

  16. I just got done reading the Apricot and Pummy chapter! ;-; I really liked him, atleast he lived a very long life! ❤

    And it's funny to see Olivine and Veridian together, she's there, but it's almost like she's not all there at the same time haha. He's the perfect guy, but there could be a point where he's TOO perfect. c: I guess we'll find out!

  17. Okay, I know I already commented, but I have more to say now, after re-reading this.
    The home movies were adorably heartbreaking, but I still can’t believe Pummy died! It got to the point where I expected him to live forever…. 😥
    Liv + Ver…. I don’t see it. Veridian seems a tad suspicious… he’s just too… understanding. Patient. No guy is THAT perfect. It’s unnatural. Plus, Patina obviously doesn’t trust him, and the bestie will always, ALWAYS know what’s best. I know this from experience 🙂
    RIP, Pumello Tangerine/Chiffon.


    I literally said that out loud. D: Pummy, I have a picture of you saved onto my Ipod, just for personal keeps. He was like, my favouritest guy ever (except for Merlot. Yummy. *Drools*).

    Why did he have to leave us?!

    You better have more smexi, colourful men soon! *Shakes fist*

    Love you, Berry. ^^

    u will b missed Pummy.
    man he was HAWT!!
    hawtttty over here! (i mean…there…was there…anyways *sniff sniff*)
    R.I.P. Pummy. Rest in Peace.

  20. *sob* Pummy and Apricot ….:/ R.I.P. Pummy. You will forever be missed..:(

    Annnd…Livi and Ver?? No..No…NOO!!!!!!!!!!! I really very much HATE Ver….I want moar of that sexy beast Tiber. ^_^ Please??? Stop teasing us…;)

  21. I haven’t commented before but I have read the whole legacy and I LOVE it! Every time I read it I want to go play my game! lol In fact this account I’m using I’m currently thinking about writing the legacy I’m playing, although I know it won’t be as good as yours! I just want to write it down so I can look back at all my generations 🙂 Keep up the good work can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

  22. Berry, you need to update so I can stop reading this update over and over and feeling sad. 😦 Pummy was such a sweetie. I can’t believe he’s gone. Poor Saff was breaking my heart with all her sadness. 😦

  23. wowwww, Berry needs to quit slacking.
    after about a whole month of not getting an update because of a “trip”, she should at least be nice to her fans and update more often…10 days and no update is ridiculous.

    • Huh… and I would expect my readers to be more understanding to my feelings and learn some patience… guess we are both disappointed today, aren’t we?

      Seeing that this is a hobby and I can start and stop when I ever I please. Your rude comments only exacerbate the issue.

      • *snaps fingers in a Z-formation*
        go take your “fjsdafkjsdjflajasldjf” elsewhere, will ya?

        like Berry said, writing is her hobby and if she decides to take 3 months or even years off in between updates, then that’s her choice and you have no right to complain and/or nag about that in your unmannered way, unless you pay her to write, which I’m assuming you’re not. Berry shares her talent for free, and you better be pretty damn grateful for that.

        I’d like to see you come up with a story as entangled as hers, whilst maintaining a clean and heartfelt update every two other days. it’s impossible. enough said.

      • also: she’s never EVER taken longer than I have and yet STILL she’s the one receiving all of your crap? really..

      • I agree it’s been a while since the last update, but I’m not going to bug or nag because for all I know Berry is having personal problems at home or work or elsewhere, things that she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing online, that have been holding her back from simming. Think about it that way.

  24. I love your legacy like seriously sad about Pummy
    I was wonderin when are you going to update?
    I dont want to sound mean or anything
    you dont have to answer if you think i’m being mean

    love your legacy!

  25. Okay woah, I just need to say something. Berry has a life. She doesn’t have enough time to sit on the computer all day. She works hard and someone who is too cowardly to put even a real name up should back off. Take your time Berry, sorry If I sounded mean in this message. ^ ^;

  26. Oh my gosh. I’m crying! Berry, how do you make such emotional chapters? I was listening to “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” while I was reading it too. It’s a gorgeous, and if this chapter was a movie, I imagine it would be playing in the background. Ahh! The best friend pledge at the end is what really got me. *sobs* I need to go reread generation three now.

  27. AHAHAHAHA!! You should be be more careful when you are being mean to amazing writers!!!
    P.S – I was gonna commentabout the whole ‘pattern gives it away’ thing but i didnt have time 😀

  28. Some people I just can’t stand. They act all rude and everything, superior to everyone else’s opinions. And then they become this huge //suck-up.// If you asked me, I would tell you that’s the worst kind of person out there. But that’s just my opinon. Berry //does// have a life, she //does not// slack one bit, and besides, “patience makes the heart grow fonder” right?

  29. You are the most imporant thing, you and your well being. The blog is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down the list and that you have time to update as often as you do is a testament to your selfless nature and your desire to make everyone happy. I am amazed constantly at your good will and your patience towards everyone you ‘meet’ on line, even those who’s comments are less than polite. It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last that I say this, Berry I’m in awe of you!

  30. Wait a minute? Did I just read what I think I read? Fdsjkskssdf, or what ever it’s name is, just told Berry that she was “slacking off.” I’ve heard more true things from a fish! Berry is one of the most selfless, caring, hard-working, christ-like person I’ve ever met. She manages to write updates, go to work, be in a relationship, make machinimas, and, last but not least, put up with impolite jerks like you! At the same time, she manages to do it with a smile on her face. She has patience and friendliness that she puts towards everyone she meets online and in real life. The people she has a desire to make happy aren’t even people she’s even met in real life! She is truly an inspiration, and to tell her that she isn’t bringing updates out on time is ignorant, ridiculous, and down-right stupid! She and her health are most certainly put before a blog! The things she does are awe-inspiring and amazing! If she wants to quit writing that is her choice! She is a person who does this as a hobby! If you are going to act so hypocritical and rude, you should go somewhere else, somewhere you’re welcome. [/rant]

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