Gen 6- Chapter 8 Part 2: Olivine Bloom


It was the usual group as always. Should have been a great time, I loved going there, but not even the excitement of hanging with the boys was pulling me out of my funk.


Especially the first couple of hours. I was like a permanent lump on their couch. I never had been one to hide my feelings well, so I must have looked completely and utterly pathetic sitting there. I made no sort of effort to socialize with anyone and I guess judging the look on my face, no one in turn dared disturb me from my pitty party.

Melon was about the only other one besides Patina, who even tried to talk to me all night.


Somehow he convinced me that he needed my help making his famous juice cocktail. I wasn’t totally convinced he actually needed my assistance but I decided to help anyways. It was definitely the most fun I had all night. We started making drinks and drinking drinks and I started to loosen up.


It had been over a year since Melon had confided in me on new years eve. Since then he and I had become quite close in a purely friend only type of way. It’s kinda of funny how things can go in a totally new direction that you never see coming. Ironically this experience was full of those moments.


Due to all of the juice drinking, Patina and I crashed on the couches in the boys living room. Originally our plan was to get up, a couple hours before Patina had to work, so she could drop me off before hand. Unfortunately she overslept and woke up about 10 minutes before she had to be at work.

I heard her gasp, which caused me to crack my eyes open just enough to see what was happening. To my shock, I found Patina only inches away when I did. “Olivine I over slept!” She cried out.


I sat up from my makeshift bed and took a big stretch. “I’ts ok.” I yawned. “Just come back and get me after your done. How long will you be?”

“Only a couple hours.”

“Pffft just go. I’ll be fine. I think everyone is at work anyways. I’ll just chill on the couch till you get back.” I stood from the couch to relocate to other couch, but upon doing so I realized just how much juice was still in my system. I stumbled and fell face first into the other couch. “Oof. Might get a little more sleep here.”

“Ok. I will be back as soon as I can!”

“OK!” I called out, my waving hand emerging over the edge of the couch.


I heard the door shut and closed my eyes once more. Totally. Awake. My eyes flew open. I propped myself upright and snagged the remote off the coffee table. I flipped on the TV and found something at least half watchable and started to zone out.


Probably the reason why I was so startled when I heard Tiber’s bedroom door open and saw him come striding out. I gave him a half smile as he came and joined me on the couch. The smell of juice was think in the air. Unsure if it was him or me, I did my best to block it out. Most likely it was both of us… I felt my heart begin to race when he leaned over me to grab the remote. “Anything good on?” He questioned.

“Sunday morning? Not really.”


“Haven’t gotten to talk you much lately. How have you been?”

“I’m OK.” I lied and faked a smile.

“Thats great. You look amazing. Glad you feel the same.”

“Thank you.”

“I mean wow. You look seriously gorgeous. I was watching you last night and I was pretty glued to you.”

“Oh?” Truth was I had never even noticed.

He scooted a little closer.


He slid an arm over my shoulder and my eyes shot open like giant saucers. I turned my attention to his hand.

“I uhhh…what are you doing?”

The only reply I got back was a smile as he leaned in closer.


He came in for a kiss and I did my best to back away.Β  “Whoa whoa whoa!” I exclaimed .

“What? he mused.

“This isn’t right.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re juiced. I can smell it.”


“Maybe.” He grinned leaning in again. This time I threw my hand in front of his face.

“And you have a girlfriend…”


“And I have a boyfriend?”

“Awww you’re no fun. Come on it will be fun.”


My body was so confused. This had been what I had been desiring years now. But not like this. It wasn’t right. What kind of alternate universe did I fall into last night? I wondered to myself. I bit my lower lip and pushed away from the couch, bee lining it for the bathroom. “I really got a go! Juice going right through me!!” I called out as I made my escape.


I made it to the bathroom and quickly locked the door behind me. I paced a few moments, trying to figure out a strategy to get me out of the situation. Option 1: stay in the bathroom till Patina got back or Option: 2 try and reason with Tiber and get him to back off. Something in my head finally convinced me that I would be able to pull option 2 off. My head is not always right I guess.

I opened the door and within seconds Tiber was only inches way, just like Patina had been a few hours earlier. I backed up and hit the wall.


The smarmy look on his face made my belly do a flip flop. He stepped in even closer. “Oh Berry.” I whimpered. The smell of the juice was gone and all that remained was Tiber and he smelled amazing. I was literally torn right down the middle. My body was betraying me. I wanted this, what ever this was, but I couldn’t!

“Tiber I….”

“Shhh, don’t you want me?”


Oh how badly I wanted to say yes and wrap my arm around him. Press his gorgeous lips to mine and finally release this tension that had been continually building for years. Unfortunately my loyalty belonged to Ver. Even if we were on less than stable ground, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. “Tiber please I…” I was losing ground fast. I started to crumble. I couldn’t fight it anymore. I leaned in and my eyes fluttered shut.


Just then I heard the front door open. The commotion was just enough to allow me to slip away. I gave Patina a “thank you Berry you are here” look, as she stepped inside and shut the door.

“Hey.” She stated dryly. “Everything alright?”

“Yup, all set!” I called after while picking up my things and hurrying her out the door.

On the way home I told Patina about everything that had happened She was in just as much shock as I had been. As we neared my apartment my stomach started to turn. Oh this was just what I needed. How would I ever keep this all a secret? Or would it be better to just get it all out. I had a big decision ahead of me…a decision that would change everything.

91 responses

  1. Wow, too crazy! I think she should break up with Ver-if not because he cheated on her than because she clearly doesn’t actually love him. But even Tiber… I’m not sure what to think of him!

  2. amg Ver cheated!!!! bad bad boy.

    I can’t help but wonder if his long valentines weekend is really a “business trip”. And Tiber!! I’m shocked at you hitting on Liv when you have a girlfriend! To me that would scream alarm bells… if he’s willing to cheat on the blue chick then whats stopping him doing the same to Olivine if she ended up with him?

    Great update πŸ™‚

  3. I cant agree more with the above statement, I am shocked that Tiber would be such a slimeball. I think she should drop both boys. You know what they say once a cheater always a cheater!

  4. I loved the two new chapters :]
    I like how Oli’s/Olivine’s life is a bit complicated and full of hurt.. not because she deserves it but because it’s a bit more realistic. IT’S HARD TO FIND TRUE LOVE :[
    Since all this crap is happening to her I’m sure she will find someone super awesome.

    I agree with everyone. I didn’t like that Tiber gave up on her for.. Chambray, who seems to have NO personality! and on top of that he is a drinker AND hits on girls while he is taken. No thank you. Ver is also no good.. Once a cheater definitely always a cheater and most likely a liar. I hope she realizes there are more fish in the sea and that the only way to get a yummy big catch is to let go of the icky little ones and get your feet soaked.

    • I completely agree. I’ve always had a strange feeling about Tiber, and this chapter confirmed all my worst thoughts about him. As for Veridian… well, the fact that he cheated on Olivine says it all. I’ve lost all respect for both of the boys.
      Melon on the other side has gained my respect back, I’m so glad Olivine found a great friend in him instead of a horrible boyfriend.

      Actually I still think she should end up with Patina, even though Berry said Olivine wasn’t gay – after all, Patina is the only teal sim who has always been nice to her.

      • lol well I might have something to say if she did end up with Patina o_O I mean poor Bondi!
        It is true she is the only Teal sim that has been nice to Livi but I have no doubt she will be her man.

      • I’m with Thea… Patina should be with Bondi! You never truly understand until you’ve read Noir Nights.
        Besides, I wouldn’t class Patina as teal. She’s more of an aqua colour.

      • Sorry, I never read Noir nights 😦 But now that you mention it, I do remember something about Patina having a boyfriend. Ugh, I always forget these things. >_<

  5. Poor Livi a yo-yo between two boys she loves neither of whom treat as they ought to. Very emotionally tough and brilliant update. I love the scenes where she rejects Ver and it was fun to see ‘the old gang’ again πŸ˜€

  6. I am not a fan of either boy.
    First, why should Ver have to sleep with another girl to realise that he loves Liv? I thought when you cheated on someone it means you DON’T like them…
    Second, Tiber either doesn’t take his drinks well or really is a sleaze. Although I will have to agree with the above comments that Chambray has like, no personality (not to mention terrible taste in shoes).
    Please oh please let there be a more suitable boy in town for Livvy!

  7. Oh nooo!! Livi is having the worst luck with guys..! Veridian is cheating on her, yet she still stays faithful, And does Veridian even know what he is giving up?! Actually none of them except Melon know what they gave up, and he did regret it..

    I just hope things turn around for Olivine :/ she needs to be loved by real love, not fake cheating love!

    Amazing Amazing AMAZING Berry!!! c: A great chapter to read before bed! <33

  8. Great update. Poor Livi, neither of the boys deserve her. She needs to tell Ver how she feels because it will only get worse until there is nothing left to hold onto, and Tiber really needs to get his act in gear. If he wants Livi he needs to dump Chambray and tell Livi how he really feels about her, not come onto her while they are both hungover. Loved the scenes where he tries to put his arm around her, her face is too cute. πŸ˜€

  9. I’m so happy sweet Lily stuck to her principles amidst it all. she really is a good girl.
    as for Tiber and Ver? ..I can see why she would “stay” with Ver. sure, he’s done things that make him rather assy, but she seemed generally upset when he left her. maybe there’s something more there.

    ..or maybe we all just need to move on and have her find some new guy to whisk her away.

  10. πŸ™‚ Berry you always make a great turn point of a story. Poor Olivine, though I never expected Tiber would do a something like that, but yeah.. he’s under the juice’s effect.

  11. OMB. Tiber drunk made me kinda loopy..I have the hots for him. >_< He makes me swoon. πŸ˜€ DUMP VER & AND TAKE TIBER! xD I would have kissed him..xD I sound like a bad person dont I? 😦

    ….Would you mind if i put my computer backround as riber walking out in his boxers? LOL..No. seriously. xD πŸ˜‰

  12. My favorite pic is Olivine’s face once Tiber puts his arm around her. Her face was priceless!

    Also, did anyone else get this feeling that Veridian isn’t coming back? I mean the jerk left on VALENTINE’s day. There was no hint that his work was important to him before so….I don’t know, it just makes me ITCH.

    I think Olivine should try and build a friendship with Melon. That way she’ll have another friendship to fall on. Yeah he was a jerk, but he realized his mistake. If Tiber cared, why didn’t he come ask her what was up at the party like Melon???


  13. Olivine should pick Tiber! He’s just too adorable, and Ver doesn’t treat her well! He cheated on her and now he’s leaving her on VALENTINE’S DAY? What the berry?

    I don’t like Ver. Not one bit. Tiber never cheated on her! He had to move on! I mean, he didn’t know she was grounded. She disappeared for months without any way of contacting him.

    Team Tiber all the way!

    • LOL its a great pic isn’t it? i just can’t get over how funny it looks…..and you can tell exactly what she is thinking when it happens cause the look says it all lol

  14. I’m not too keen on Tiber anymore, either. I agree with one of the comments above, surely some really great guy is waiting in the wings.

  15. OMG! great update berry! I seriously think she needs to drop ver like a bad habit, because its so true they always say, ‘I didn’t MEAN to sleep with them….’ really how can you not mean to sleep with someone? its not like you ‘accidentlly’ fell on eachother? and to finally realize that he loves Liv AFTER he sleeps with someone, im telling you that little ‘busniess trip’ is prolly a…well you know where im going with that. And Tiber really? i hope he really isn’t the slime ball he was acting like in the apartment….but if he is….then i hope Liv can find someone as awesome as all the other Chiffon ladies have(and one boy hehe) because all in all she deserves to have an awesome husband who has eyes only for her.

  16. Leave Ver! Tiber is so cute and sweet (when he’s not drunk of course)! Just think of the cute babies he would make πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, GREAT UPDATE! Can’t wait for the next one now…….

  17. WOW! Livi has the worst luck with men. I hope there’s someother teal guy out there that’s right for her.

    On a side note I was just wondering where you got the eye’s for your sims. They’re very pretty and would fit in really well for a sims story I’m writing. πŸ™‚

  18. OMB,wow I can’t believe Tiber.I hope she brings the subject backup next time she sees him.Also I think her and Melon are meant to be.. ❀ <3Poor her.When will she ever find love. 😦

  19. Her and Melon are meant to be.Tiber is a jerk,I think he’s bew gf is a bad infulence on him.She should dump her current boyfriend,ditch Tiber, and go with Melon.Melon’s a new man and its obvious he’s into her.Besides he was the only person who could make her have fun during her sappy night.Sounds like berrry love to me.

  20. Ver= no. Tiber= no. I just know someone better is waiting for Olivine! If this story is based on Berry’s life, then I would assume that she ended up with someone who actually loves her 100%.

    From the second I downloaded Tiber and saw his traits I knew he wasn’t going to be “the one”. As cute as he is… πŸ™‚

  21. hey berry,

    i’m sure you have already answered this question but i was wondering how you still have colorful skintones after installing late night because i had to uninstall mine?

    The updates are wonderful and are my favorite right before i go to bed read. I sincerely hope you continue to write for a long time i think you have all the potential to be a fantastic author.


    • most of us keep ours by taking out the UI mod, and leaving the skins. If you have a mouse or keypad with a scroll, that will take you through all the skins in CAS, no need for the mod and we can keep our skins.

  22. i’m surprised at Tiber though i still think he’s a good guy and should end up with Livi but i feel there’s something we don’t know about him..hmmm
    greatchapter as always ❀

  23. “He slid an arm over my shoulder and my eyes shot open like giant saucers. I turned my attention to his hand.”
    This face xD
    OMB! Gah! Why, just why? 😦 This is KILLING me, Berry! She’s gonna be a granny by the time she gets married xD Now what’s the fun in that?
    Amazing new chapter! If this was real, I… would… STRANGLE VER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And smack Tiber sober until he realized that Livi loves him :]

  24. i think you did a great great great job on capturing the feel in this story; the facial expressions are A-MAZING. i also think that Liv could do better than both of these guys.
    Great job, Berry πŸ™‚

  25. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    …not because of the chapter, but because I found your legacy a couple days ago and have been reading it every chance I could get because it was so good and now I’m all caught up…which means I have to wait to read what happens next! NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Want moar!!!! O_O

    On that note, wow! This legacy is a true joy to read and I absolutely love it. You take the most beautiful shots (do you have a blog or something where you have tips for that btw…I’d love to pick your brain O_O;) and your writing is great! I fall in love with all of your characters and totally feel for them as I read…which makes me continue reading!

    Keep up the wonderful work!! I can’t wait for more ^_^

    • Ha! I found this legacy like in the 3rd or 4th generation and I just couldn’t wait for the next chapter….I still can’t wait! Yeah Berry’s pictures are fantastic.

  26. Ah both boys don’t seem right. Neither seems mature enough to settle down and start a family with an amazing girl like Olivine. They seem very iffy to me. Olivine deserves better.

  27. No. I forbid you to stop right here. At this point in time.
    FORBID, I tell you, FORBID.



  28. I have to say that whomever she chooses wouldn’t make much of a huge difference considering the type of people they are.

    First off, Ver is a jerk for sleeping with another girl and Olivine did not deserve that. I also have to say that this “Business Trip” isn’t really one, hes probably being a jerk face again and going to that girl, because of the arguments between them.

    Tiber isn’t all that good either now, considering he was willing to cheat on his girlfriend. Even though Tiber and Olivine make an adorable couple, it wouldn’t just seem right.

    Honestly I am not really into two of these boys :S So I am now staying neutral! This generation seems too complicated lol.

    I am sure whatever Berry chooses to do next will satisfy everyone πŸ˜€

    Just an amazing chapter Berry! Keep up the amazing work! ❀


  29. I must be the only person who likes Chambray and I feel sorry for the poor dear.
    Olivine isn’t the only one in a crappy relationship.

    Speaking of Olivine, (borrowing a quote from Ron Weasley) That girl needs to sort out her priorities!

  30. I absolutely love your legacy, it’s actually made me wanna start one of my own again. I always fail around generation two. Anyways I was kinda just wondering how you kept everyone in your town so well dressed, especially as they aged. I hate how a lot of my townies turn ugly as they age T_T least their clothes do. Any tips would be absolutely amazing.

    Lots of Love ❀

  31. What the crap is up with Tiber? I guess he’s like the other ones. Well, that’s ok, I know there’s a better man waiting somewhere! After all the frogs, Liv deserves a prince!!! I was hoping the party would help, but doesn’t seem like it did, just gave her more crap to deal with. :*(
    Hmmm, putting myself in her shoes, I think, as lonely as she feels, she should go find some of her family to talk to. I don’t know what her relationship is like with her parents, ( I would go confide in my mom if I was her) but maybe one of her siblings, or maybe Symphony would be a good person who cares about her a l0t to go lay her burdens down a bit and get some encouragement. Poor Livi needs a hug from someone who knows her best! πŸ™‚

  32. I was thinking at first to leave Veridian just like all of you, but Ver and Livi situation reminds me of the Lacey and Bubbie chaos, you know? He gave her another chance… All for the better. But then again… She doesn’t really like Ver, and she was soo close to falling into Tiber goodness! I know that it was wrong for Tiber to do that, and it doesn’t sound like a one-time-thing, no matter how much I want her to be with Tiber<3

  33. I swear, no matter what he does, I will always have a soft spot for Tiber. (: I have a suspicious feeling telling me that Ver is going to cheat on her again, during this “Business trip”… Also, I have a feeling that Tiber and Livi are going to end up together, somehow someway.

  34. amazing drama as always πŸ™‚ i’m not sure which guy i like better…actually i don’t like either of them! lol, but i’m very interested to see who is going to be victorious or is another guy going to be thrown into the mix?? hehe

  35. Soo, I just went through…well, the past few days, really, and read all of this. What can I say, other than “Love love love!” These Berry Sweet Sims are so gorgeous! I want to…squish them, lock them up in my closet, and keep them forever and ever. Or something.
    They’re inspiring. YOU are inspiring! At some point…I think I’m going to make a rainbowcy. Maybe.
    I hope you don’t mind if I add your legacy to my list of awesomeness.
    I vote: neither Tiber nor Veridian. Ver cheated = BAD BOY! Tiber…did not wait. He could have. Should have. At least should have given Livi some heads up. Did not. Boo hoo on them. Livi is so much better for both of them than any chick, and if they don’t realize that, then neither should have her. Go Livi, my favorite heir thus far!
    Can’t wait to read more!

  36. meh…this story isn’t as good as i remembered :/
    its not a bad read, but i think its a bit overrated
    just giving my honest opinion…don’t get mad.

    • Well of course you are entitled to your opinion but it seems a bit odd to post something like that in my opinion. I understand you aren’t satisfied but calling Splash overrated seems a bit cruel to me. I feel there may have been other ways to express your opinion.

      Of course Berry has already accepted your comment with much more grace than I have and her opinion is the one that matters. But I just wanted to say that while feedback is always welcomed by writers it is much better received if it is constructive and not hurtful.

      Sorry Berry for any repercussions my post may have, although I truly hope that any difference of opinion can be discussed without starting a flame war.

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