Gen 6- Chapter 10 Part 1: Olivine Bloom


I know what you are probably thinking… Oh sweet Berry, what did Olivine do now? Well if that is what you were thinking, you would be wrong. Believe it or not, For once it isn’t Olivine who is getting herself into trouble, but that’s not to say, she isn’t involved. It just wasn’t her fault this time.


No this time all the blame was on me. I better take a couple steps back and explain this a little better.


Once Olivine had come home to live with us again, she and I spent a  ton of time together. I realized while she was away how much I missed her and missed having my big sister in the house. Living with all boys (Mom and Grandma don’t count) can be a literal nightmare. Sure I had learned to fend for myself, you kinda have to when you have three brothers tormenting you all he time. But when Olivine was back, I felt like I had a support group again. We would sit up for hours talking in her room. Her listening to my ramblings and me listening to all are crazy adventures in the big city. I guess one of these up all night talks is where the trouble began.


“So whats it like having a boyfriend?”

“What? What do mean? You’ve never had a boyfriend?”

“Umm No. Boys think I’m weird. Maybe I intimidate them, I don’t know…” Truth was I had never even come across a boy in real life that I was even marginally interested in. Oh but I had tons of celebrity crushes. Maybe my standards were just a tad too high.

Olivine closed her eyes, she looked deep in thought. “Having a boyfriend…isn’t all its cracked up to be Em. There is a lot of fighting and lots of compromise that’s usually only one sided.

I knew from other stories that Liv and relationships did not bode well together, I just had no idea how deep it ran.

“Well I don’t think I will ever find a boyfriend. Gonna be an old maid forever.” As soon as the words exited my mouth, I instantly regretted them. Oh why did I just say that?


Liv shot up in bed and me an evil stare as she scoffed. “Hah! You an old maid?” Your not even 18 yet! Now me? I will be an old maid. Men, especially men my age are all pigs. Not a decent one on the whole lot.” With that her arms dropped to her sides, the look of disappointment riddled her face.


I knew these feelings of animosity ran deep with her, but the extent was much more detailed than I had realized. I actually felt bad. How could someone so sweet and so caring to a weirdo sister like me, be so jaded by love. Maybe because I hadn’t experienced even half of the stuff she had gone through, my candle for love still burned bright. Call it my optimistic nature, but I just knew there had to be someone out there for her.

“The whole lot? Every single guy….ever?”


“So I wanna make sure I am hearing this correctly, there is not one guy in whole world that is good. They are evil little monsters?”


This time she thought before she spoke. “Well…there was this guy, one time.”

My hope was renewed! I knew there had to be at least one.

“And who was it?”

“This guy I met at the laundromat. Cello”

“Really? What happened to him?”

“Nothing. We just talked while my washing did its thing and then when it was done we went our separate ways.”

“Did you get his number?”


“Did he live around here?”


“Did he work around here?”

“I think so. I don’t know, I never asked.”

“So you meet a nice guy and you just let him go with out any way to see him or talk to him again?”

“Pretty much.”

“Liv! What if he was the one! You just let him walk out of your life without any way of contacting him again.”

“Em! It was like a year ago OK? I swore off men and was in no mood to get involved with someone just to get my heart broken again. Been there, done that, never again…”

“Never say never.”

Silence fell through the room. The awkwardness felt heavy in the air. Finally she spoke. “I’m sorry Em. I didn’t mean to be so crabby. Just a sore spot.”

“It’s OK.”

“Tell you what. For your birthday how about I take you out.”


“Yup anywhere you wanna go.”

I knew just the place.


Sadly only a few days before our planned day out, tragedy struck. Grandpa Glaze was taken from us. Birthday plans and all other plans were put on hold as we organized the funeral and all other arrangements that go along with stuff like that. Gonna miss you Grandpa.


After the funeral, when things started to settle down again, Olivine and I finally got together for my birthday trip. We had already celebrated the big birthday for all three of us. Celebrating separately was was just a little tradition my family had started to give us a little sense of specialness. Its hard when you share a birthday with two other people to feel special.

I had decided on the big museum that had recently reopened with all new exhibits. Oh yes, I had plans. Big plans. Of course I failed to tell Olivine of these plans, or the reason why I had chosen the museum, but if all went to like it was supposed to, there wouldn’t be need a to. If things went wrong though…well I wasn’t worried about that.


I felt kind of bad draggin her into this, but on other other hand, she knew me well enough to know of my sticky fingers. She should know better than to take me somewhere with such glorious candy for the taking. I waited till she found something she was truly interested in, then I took off up the stairs.


I made my way through the exhibits till I found it. That perfect piece that would go so handsomely in my collection. My heart started to race, like it always did when I was about to make my move. This time though, everything was amplified, this was definitely my biggest heist yet.


I took a look around, making sure the coast was clear.


Then I went in for the kill. I laughed to myself as I realized how trivial their security system was. This was just too easy. I snagged the idol and put him in my pocket.



“And what do you think you are doing?”


“I… was just looking at this nice exhibit here.” I turned to look back at the other idols and the suspiciously gaping spot where the one that was now in my pocket now sat. “Yup. Very nice.”

“There is one missing.”

“Is there? I hadn’t noticed.” I stepped to the side and tried to walk past, attempting to make my escape.


But he grabbed my arm instead. “Don’t toy with me little lady. I saw you take it. Now let me see it!”

“Eeesh. Alright alright. I sheepishly pulled the idol from my pocket and handed it over.”

He then pulled a walkie talkie from his pocket and called for back up. Just about the time Olivine had come into the room.

“OMB Emerald what happened?!”

“You know this girl?”

“Yes she is my sister.”

“Unbelievably he grabbed her too. “Good you are both coming with me.”

“But what did I do!?!”


“Tell me again, why I got pulled into this?”


“I don’t know. Guilt by association?”

Oh man Liv was livid (hah!) Not that she didn’t have a right to be. I was the one who got us into this mess. But I had done this kind of thing a hundred times before, I hadn’t even considered the off chance that I could be discovered by a plain clothed police officer.

“I’m sorry Liv. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. It was supposed to be like all the-”

Just then our conversation was cut short when an official police officer entered the room.


“Emerald and Olivine Chiffon, the owner of the museum would like to have a word with you.”




The door opened a second time and the owner entered the room. Olvine grabbed hand from under the table gave it squeeze. Owwwww too hard. I turned to look at her. Her face was frozen in horror.


To my surprise, the man had the same look on his face. He scratched the back of his neck and stepped closer to the officer. Placing his hand on the officers shoulder he leaned in and whispered in his ear. The police officer pulled away.

“Are you positive?”

“Yes Sir.”

The officer nodded and walked over to us. It looks as if Mr. Bismark does not want to press charges. You are free to go. My eyes were wide. What…just happened? Not wanting to stick around and I find out I pulled Olivine from her chair and led her to the exit.


When we got outside, Mr. Bismark was waiting for us. I tried to keep walking but Olivine made a bee line straight for him.


“It’s you.”

“Hello Olivine.”

“I didn’t think I would ever see you again.”

“Neither did I.”

Suddenly a light bulb went on. This was the guy!! The only good guy in Olivine’s whole world!


“My sister is terribly sorry for causing all of this. Aren’t you sis?”

“Hmmm? Oh ya. Terribly sorry…” (Not)


“It’s alright. But I do have one favor to ask.”


“Go on a date with me?”


“Please? I kick myself everyday for not asking you last time. I won’t make the same mistake again.”

Olivine paused. My heart stood still. Just do it you crazy woman!!!

“Yes. I will.”


The looks in both of their eyes were undeniable. Olivine’s candle had been rekindled once more.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE your writing, Berry! I can’t stop reading! I was actually almost late for work today because I wanted to finish ” one more chapter.” Haha, I hope you’ll continue to write even after this rainbowcy is finished! Wonderful story!!

  2. Who would have thought adorable Emerald’s sticky fingers would get Olivine together with Cello? I say “GO EMERALD!!” haha Love this chapter, it was nice to hear it from Emerald’s point of view

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