Gen 7- Chapter 7-Wedding Special: Tranquil Truffle

“Come on pleaseeeeee”

“No. Absolutely not!”

“But Tranquil. It will finish the whole outfit. And you look so nice in it.”


I had spent almost 20 minutes going back in forth with Blush over lipstick. She said it was necessary while I wanted nothing to do with it, but since then I had learned to put my foot down and I loved it. I didn’t let anyone boss me around anymore.

“I don’t want it. I can’t see it, all I can do is feel it, and I HATE the way it feels. I won’t wear it. So stop pushin.”

“Ok fine. You win. It won’t look bad either way. Your face is flawless.”


“I can’t believe this is happening already, she chirped while pulling me into a hug. “It seems like we were just having my wedding.”

“We were, it was only 3 weeks ago.”

“Would you just shush and let me gush please.”

“Ok. Fine.” I teased squeezing her a little tighter.

*knock knock*

“Would be alright to speak to the bride for a moment?”

“Hi grandpa.”

“Of course Sir.”

“Haha Sir is not necessary. Way too formal.”

It was certainly the day for hugging, and I had nothing but appreciation for what my grandfather had done for me and Granite. Not only was this day possible because of him, but he had also offered us into his home, well I suppose offered us back home. It was my home at one point and thanks to him, Granite and I would be building one together there also. My mother was not crazy about the idea, but guess what? I was an adult so the decision was all mine!

“Oh sweetpea you looks so lovely.”

“Thanks grandpa.”

“I only wish your grandmother was here to see you. I know she is so proud of you.” I could hear his voice waver as he spoke. My dear grandmother had passed only few weeks after we had announced our engagement. She had been ill for a while, and I think that she was only holding on to make sure we found our happy ending. I missed her greatly, but I knew she would want me to be happy on my big day. No tears..unless they were happy of course!

Before I knew it, I was greeted by my father and he and I were making our way down the stairs and outside. I felt like a princess on his arm. He stopped at the front door and squeezed my hand gently.

“You ready love?”

“I am.”

This was it. I was about to be married to the most perfect man their was. I could feel chest vibrate with excitement. My tummy was hopping around like a jumping bean, an I was enjoying every second of it.

And I had no doubt he was looking as handsome as ever.

When we got to the front of the aisle, my father gently handed me over to Granite. “You take care good care of her now”

“I wouldn’t dream of anything less.”

He placed his hands in between my own and then leaning into my ear he whispered. “You look amazing.”

I only smiled in return.

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here to day to celebrate the union of these two young souls. Each have chosen personal vows and would like to share them now.”

“Granite? Would you care to go first?”

*Ahem* “Yes…” I could tell he was nervous, but there was a certainty in my voice that caused me swell with joy.

“from me to you, Tranquil Truffle Chiffon;

If there was ever a person to deny their trust in miracles, you sure managed to prove them wrong. Not just to your parents, but to me and to all the people you touched the same, you are, without a doubt, the prettiest wonder of all in every way suited. Through our love, I grew to be much like you, blinded.. something I couldn’t be more thankful for, because oddly enough, you, Mrs. Tranquil.. were the one to show me things I’d never seen before; a better side to life I can’t believe you chose to share with me, which is why, inevitably, time would bring us here together, to part as separates and become as one. From me to you, Tranquil Truffle Chiffon: you are the bravest, boldest person I know..” Taking my hand he brought it up to rest on his face, I could feel that he was smiling. A single tear began to form in my eye. “For grabbing hold of this heart of mine, and never letting go.” He then placed my hand on his chest, I could feel the beating of his heart, strong and fast and soon mine was trying to catch up. I was at a loss for words. It was so beautiful and all for me.

“Miss Tranquil. Its your turn now.”

I took a deep breath. “Whew OK…Standing here with you, I think for the first time ever, I’m at a serious loss for words..”

“Though there are many things I simply cannot see because, well.. we all know why.. I’ve never felt like there’s anything worthy I missed out on, because due to my lack of vision, I was able to see what nobody else could, to find what was hidden deep within.” Still holding my hand to his chest I gave it a small nudge. “I was blessed to bond with another through what I know best, and from it sprung something even the most enchanting melody could not comprehend.” A smile began to form on my face, and as much as I tried to get a hold on it (only because it was making sound funny) I could not. “Something lots of people denied.. but we sure managed to prove them wrong. Though now for our biggest challenge yet.. I hope you know I plan on, no, I vow to do just exactly that, for the rest of our lives. together always, as it should be.”

Once I had finished he took both my hands and brought them to his face kissing the back of each. The smile on face growing even bigger in the process.

“With out further ado, I pronounce you man and wife.”

“You may now kiss the bride!”

“Have I told you I love you today?”

“Maybe, but I could always hear it again.”

“I love you.”

The wedding was small and intimate, but I really didn’t feel the need for a big flashy ordeal. I have never been into big and flashy. Other than my parents and grandfather and officiant , only Blush and Rowan were in attendance. Once they were married it was kind of a package deal. I didn’t mind though. He loved her and that was most important. Well in my book anyways. We didn’t really have a reception, but we did have a nice dinner and some awesome cake. Before too long everyone was heading home leaving only Granite and myself (grandpa had decided to stay the weekend with my parent to give us a sort of honeymoon).

When everyone had gone and we made our way to the bedroom, I slipped into the bathroom to put on the “nighty” that Blush had left out for me. I thought it was going to be a nighty. Like a silk or satiny night gown, but when I pulled it off the sink, there were straps and ruffles and I wasn’t 100% sure I could even get it on right.

“You alright in there!?” Granite called through the door.

“Ya. I’m good!”

Once I had successfully gotten the contraption on, I immediately felt its uncomfortableness. Ughhh. I stepped out of the bathroom feeling completely…stupid.

“I feel ridiculous”

“Well you certainly don’t look it.”

“Do people actually sleep in this?”

“Ahaha No. Its usually left on the floor to the side of the bed.”

“That sounds much more comfortable than this thing.”


“Why don’t you let me help you out of it.”

“My you are such the gentlemen.”

I know you are probably wondering. Was this our first time? Well actually yes it was. First time ever for me. Another reason why I was so nervous. Guess I had too much time to think about it. Not like the hot tub indecent it was so spur of the moment I had no time fake myself out. But this…this was it. We were about to Oh Berry, I wanted him so bad, I was just worried I wouldn’t be very good at…it.

“Granite, I…”

“Shhhh. You don’t have to worry about a thing. I will show you everything you need to know.”

After much anticipation his lips finally met mine and my whole body exploded with passion and desire, I must have more experience than I gave myself credit, because well…we rocked each others worlds that night.

More than a few times.


Vows courtesy of they ever talented kittycattylion Thank you Button!!!


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  1. eeeek! I’ve been waiting for this and berry, you NEVER disappoint! I found this all so cute how it was layed out, and has Cello aged up recently, his eyebrows are lookin’ a lil’ whiter?! ;)<33

  2. Berry, that was Beautiful!! Kitty, thoses Vows were so amazing! Wow!<3
    I am bubbling over with joy right now! this chapter is just AMAZING!!!!
    I LOVE happy endings!<3333

  3. Sooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    And I love the pictures of Granite on the bed and Tranquil coming out of the bathroom all sheepish, hahaha. They were awesome XD

    A beautiful wedding indeed!!!! …..which means….babies are probably soon to follow! =O SO EXCITED! =D hehe.

  4. Awwwwwww first William and Kate and now this!!! :3 :3 :3
    It was so cute and Tranquil looked incredibly beautiful as always (but I’ve got to admit I missed the large extended family!)
    And that hairstyle really suited Granite, I used to hate it but now I think I’ll use it a bit more 🙂

    Wow Kitty those vows were amazing!!!

  5. Awwwwww first William and Kate and now this!!!! :3 :3 :3
    It was so cute and Tranquil looked incredibly beautiful as always (but I’ve got to admit I missed the large extended family!)
    And that hairstyle really suited Granite – I used to hate it but now I think I’ll use it a bit more 🙂

    Wow Kitty those vows are amazing!!!

  6. Mint.. is… gone…? /cry 😦

    I’m so glad Pineapple made it to the wedding, though. Seeing her hugging on her grandfather totally made me tear up a little–after what they both had to experience, they seem like kindred spirits!

    The vows totally made me gush up–Kitty, how many times do I have to tell you you’re a genius?!

    I’m so happy to see them finally together… Baaww wa aa aw waw *sniff* <- Sound of Kaleeko tears. ❤

  7. Awwhhh I’m such a romantic, I just love these special wedding chapters. Don’t you dare split these two up ever ever ever! They are just about the cutest couple ever!!!!
    Did I read correctly that Honey passed away??? NOOO 😥

  8. “Do people actually sleep in this?”

    “Ahaha No. Its usually left on the floor to the side of the bed.”

    *spazlaugh* I don’t know why I found this funny, but I did!
    The vows were absolutely beautiful, have I mentioned that Kitty is a flipping genius?
    But moment of silence for Honey… you will be missed. 😥

  9. YAY! now bring on the babies! lol i think ive said it for the last 5 generations, so i have to keep saying it lol. It was beautiful berry, idk if im just getting horribly emotional because my own wedding is coming up or what but her vows brought tears to my eyes! such sweet vows!

  10. I don’t want it to seem like I’m correcting you, but I think it’s supposed to be Husband and Wife, not Man and Wife.

  11. When I was reading this chapter it just so happened I had ‘The Other Side of the Door’ playing on iTunes (I was taking a break from homework and i usually listen to music while i do it), and it made it extra sweet.
    Of course, the name of the song made the last few pictures quite entertaining. 😉

  12. D’awwww!!!!!!!!! ❤ I really hope it will be all happiness and roses from here on out, but I somehow don't think that will be the case..

    Anywaaaay, the bedroom scene made me laugh! Tranquil needs to give herself more credit after the hot tub incident 😉 Great chapter deary!

  13. Ooooh Berry, do I see a labor pic w/ Tranquil? Can’t wait for that chapter! Granquil babies! :3 Can’t wait to see those munchkins! Ooooh I feel so hyper 😛

  14. So sweet ^-^

    I just love Tranquil & Granite as a couple. They’re so flipping perfect ❤
    It makes me sad that Honey is gone now though.. She was another favorite of mine & will be missed.

    But overall, this was a very nice & sweet chapter. It made me smile : )

  15. :O Honey’s gone!! Noooooooooooooooooo!! I didn’t realise, I was too busy basking in the wonderfulness of the chapter!
    Banya x

  16. AAAAAWWWWW….It was so beautiful…I loves it so much <33333
    Most wonderful awesome great etc gen and chapter EVER!!!!!
    Ur a genius Berry…
    *Better late than never*

  17. R.I.P Honey Mint, I’ll miss you. :'[

    But moving on…

    Yaaaaaay! They got married! They got MARRIED! X3 I just wanted to mention that Cello’s eyebrows are peachy. Made me giggle.

    But Tranquil looked so gorgeous! *squeals* Wish I was there! The vows were amazing, too.

    When she put on the ‘night uniform’ I bursted out laughing. But…Granite liked it, so I guess it’s all good. :3

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  19. …. *gasp* Honey?? noooo! 😦 😦 she was one of my favorite heir
    spouses 😦
    but at least it will be made up for with little blue babies 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. oh and something I just noticed after re-reading this for the 3rd time ( 🙂 ), Olivine is an elder?? my how time flies… seems like just yesterday you announced her as heiress…

  21. Awwww this is soo cute! The wedding was lovely…. my own hopeless romantic heart went all “Awwwwww” XD. And Tranquil looked stunning in that nighty. Great pose for the “I feel stupid” scene. Did you have a pose mod thingy?

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