Gen 8- Chapter 2 Part 1: Waterlily Whip

“I don’t know. What do you think Mist? Does it make my belly look big?”

“What belly?”

“The one I secretly hide under my clothing.”

“Ohhhh you mean your non-existent one?”

“Ya that’s the one…”

“Nope don’t see it.”

Here we see the common teenager preparing for her grooming ritual. Notice the instant paranoia the moment she slips into one of the rituals ceremonial gowns. She will continue to try on gown after gown until she decides on the just the perfect one. Usually the first one that she tried on…

It all seemed pretty silly if you asked me. Fussing over something you were only gonna wear once and then only for a few short hours at most. I did not see the point, but that’s just me. Fussing was never something I ever felt the desire to do. I had already planned out what I was going to wear, before Midna and the girls were able to locate the first (of many) dresses to try on. I obviously wasn’t going to be much help, so I snagged a paper and made myself comfy. I had no doubt we would be there for a while.

“What do you think Lil?I really like this color on her.”

“Mhmm looks great.”

“You didn’t even look…”

I pulled the paper from my face just long enough to make eye contact. “Midna you look stunning…now lets go?”

“Oh forget it, you just keep reading your paper. Sheesh you are no help at all.”

Slightly annoyed a folded the paper neatly and set it next to me in the seat. I took a long hard look at Midnight and her dress, making sure to make lots of hmmm and oooo noises.

“I like it.”


“Ya, I do too.”

Midnight’s concerned frown started to transform into a confident smile. She fluffed or floofed? I don’t know she messed with the dress a bit longer and then she nodded. “Ok. I think this is the one.”

I clapped my hands in over-excitement. “Hooray! That’s one down and it only took… I looked at my invisible wrist watch. “Two hours! Wow I think we may have broken a new speed record.”

Then the cycle repeated all over again with Sapph, so I resumed my place on the couch and continued where I left off with the more than interesting article on a local farmer who had miraculously grown a 50 pound tomato. It wasn’t really that interesting, but it was a heck of a lot better trying to help those three in an area that I knew nothing about.

It was by some act of Berry or maybe Mist was just much more organized, that she already had her dress picked out before we had even arrived. In fact she had a pic torn out of a magazine, so the only time it took for her, was to loacate the dress, and even that went quickly because the cashier/attendee recognized it immediately.

So once Sapph had finally made her decision, we were just about done. We all threw on our goodies for a group parade around the shop, and then we made our purchase and went home. Once we got back there, the girls took off again to go get their hair did and all that other stuff. I decided to hang back because my hair was done and I wasn’t planning on any makeup so there really was not point in me tagging a long. It gave me a bit more time to relax and enjoy some of that sacred “me” time.

Quickly dusk was upon us and the downstairs foyer was full of people. They were all a buzz as I made my way down the stairs, surprisingly I was the last to join the group. Probably because I had waited till the very last possible second to change. I didn’t even make it to the bottom of the stairs before my dad starting taking pictures. Now its not that I am not really a fan of pictures it just…ok ya, I really am not that crazy about them. That bright flashing hinders my ability to see and I pretty much need all the help I can get when looking where I am going.

It took me all of about three seconds to notice that something was wrong with Chessie. He looked so handsome in his tux, but the expression on his face had me really worried. His head was moving erratically as he watched everyone around him. I hurriedly made my way to him. This was bad. I could tell something was really, really bothering him.

“Chess? You OK?”


“Hey. Whats wrong? And don’t say nothing because I know you way too well.”

“C-Can we talk? Privately?” His eyes seemed to be stuck on wide mode as he continued to nervously fumble with one of his cufflinks.

“Uh, ya of course.”

“Lets go to my room?”

He nodded gingerly and then we descended up the stairs. I watched him cautiously trying to see if I couldn’t shed some light on what the heck was happening, but he wasn’t much help, he just continued to stare straight ahead, swallowing nervously every once in a while.

I let us both into the room, and then I closed the door gently behind us. “Ok, you are really starting to scare me here. What is the matter?”

“Ok Lil…There is something I need to tell you.”



“…? You gonna tell me?”


“Ok. When?” I laughed.

He started pacing back a forth, chewing on his knuckle.

“Ok so you know how you and I have been kinda…you know? Doing stuff.”

“Ya. I think so.”

“Ok, well….Oh Berry this is so much harder than I thought it was gonna be in my head.”

“Chessie, it’s me, you can tell me anything… Wait, are you breaking up with me?”

“No. Well not exactly…”

“Oh wow. You are breaking up with-

“Lil I’m gay.”

That was definitely not what I was expecting to hear. “I’m sorry, you’re what?”

“I’m gay?”


“Gay. Yes.”

“But we kissed. YOU kissed me.”

“I know.”

“Wow. Was I really that bad of a kisser?”

“What? NO! You kiss fine. I just don’t feel anything.”


“No I don’t mean it like that! I liked kissing you. I just, well I don’t love it. But its not anything you did. It’s me. I have always been this way.”

“So then why did you kiss me?”

“Well I thought if anyone could change me, it would be you.”

“Huh, so you thought I was gonna be your prince and my kiss was going to break the spell.”

“It doesn’t work that way does it?”

“Uh, not the last time I checked.”

From there he progressively grew more and more upset. He was practically in tears from a neurotic cocktail of shame for lying to me with a splash of embarrassment for keeping it all from me all this time. I think there was also a sense of relief going on in there as well, because that final release seemed to be more than he could handle. It definitely was for me.

I kinda stood there awestruck. I wasn’t sure what I should say, or if I should say anything at all. How did I not see it before? Was I really that blind? The princess dresses, the pretty makeovers, it was all so clear now.

“You must hate me.”

“No. I don’t hate you.”

I pulled him into a hug. “You are still my Chessie. Nothing will ever change that you hear me?”


After that, Prom was far from the last thing he and I really wanted to do, so we decided to ditch out and go do our own thing. We hit up the Holly Berry dive, for a little of one my favorite things…foosball. Not just any foosball, the Holly Dive had the best table in town. The little men were dressed in the most awesome and intricate little suits. They always looked like real mean down there, which always gave me a kick…err no pun intended.

And it seemed to be just the thing that we needed to settle us out after such a stressful evening. Nothing like whacking a little ball around with little men strappped to a stick to help you bond with your gay best friend.

Later in the evening we moved our party to the Esplanade. Chessie was finally relaxed enough to talk a little bit more about our earlier revelations and boy did I have questions!!


17 responses

  1. is it bad that im kinda happy he’s gay? lol and it was like Dejavu! I remeber my friend telling me he could see us getting married then a week later came over to my house in tears telling me he was gay O.O and i felt very stupid…very lol

  2. Hah! I had a feeling he could be gay 😀 Now I know why I felt friendship was best for them! And what a great friendship those two have :3

    Lily and her sisters looks awesome in their prom clothes by the way!

  3. More than anything I am glad that he didnt come to her to tell her that it was all mistake and he liked someone else, Their friendship is still intact and Its great that Lily still accepts him just as happily as she did before she knew.

  4. Oh my gosh! Deja vu! That exact same thing happened to me last year, except not on the night of prom, and I wasn’t dating him. We were best friends and he asked me out and I said no, and then he told me I was gay! Lol I had the same reaction as Lily but having a gbf is awesome, love him.

  5. I SO knew it! The moment he asked to talk with her, I kept saying “He’s gay, isn’t he? He’s gotta be gay, I just know it- YUP! I knew it..” XP

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  7. Haha, I think it kinda makes sense now, the haircuts, the princess dress when they were younger, Lily always was the boy of the two.

    I don’t mind at all kinda like him better that way, no big suprise either, but Lil seemed okay with it which is great!

    “Wow am I really that bad of a kisser?”

    Bahahaha that was hilarious!

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