Gen 8- Chapter 2 Part 2: Waterlily Whip

“So how long have you known?”

“Since forever I guess.”

“Do your folks know?”


“You gonna tell them?”

“Maybe one day.”

“Does anybody know besides me?”


“So, I’m the first? Cool.”

“Well it only seemed fair. You were kind of my girlfriend there for a while.”

“True true. So you gonna tell people at school now?”

“I don’t know…maybe. One day.”

“Well no rush. Only when you’re ready.”


Surprisingly his confession only seemed to bring us closer together. It was like an invisible wall that neither he nor I was aware of, came down with it. Several times through out the night, I just had the uncontrollable urge to hug him and tell him how awesome I thought he was.

It was almost sunrise and we were both still wide awake. Hanging out on the trampoline in the back, we continued our conversation of who was dating who and who was actually right for one another. We came to the conclusion that Midnight and Mist should just give up already and confess their undying love to one another. A joke that made us both giggle uncontrollably. To both of our surprise there was a third giggle that could be heard…only it was coming from the front of the house.

“Is that?”


We rolled off the trampoline and quietly and stealthily made our way across the grass. Sapph and Disco’s voices becoming more clear as we got in closer. Though it wasn’t all giggles like it was before. We positioned ourselves behind the bush, and watched as the unbelievable unfolded.

“Come here.”

“Sapph, I don’t really feel like it right now.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just I’m tired. It’s late and we should have been home hours ago.”

Sapph was in total shock. She pulled her arms away quickly and started to whine.

“But all I wanted was to hug you. Don’t you wanna hug me? Don’t you love me?”

“I love you. I’m just tired.”

Disco was completely thrown off his game. Sapph’s whining was making him feel more and more awkward as they stood there. Her bottom lip quivering and her fake as fake sobs. She was so good at getting what she wanted.

Obviously Disco was no exception. She put on her crybaby act, and he fell for it hook line and sinker. I giggled to myself. Sucker…

But then their hug turned into something else entirely. They started making out…heavily. Lips smacking and all that other gross stuff that happens, making those sounds that are only appealing when its you making them.

Ok Ew ew. That was enough. We started to leave when we heard them say their final goodbye. Oh no! We had to hurry up and get in the house, or she would know we were spying on them.

Chessie must have been reading my mind, because we both took off in dead run to the sliding glass door out back. Sounding like a heard of giggling elephants we shot up the stairs and into bed before she came inside.

Chessie slept in his usual place in the spare bed and we both went to sleep that night trying our best not to laugh hysterically at what we had seen. It’s never easy to stifle a laugh, but somehow we managed. What a crazy, crazy night.

Life has an impeccable way of throwing you a little treat just when you need it the most. Not all the time granted, in fact most the time it’s the opposite. Most of the time, life drops little stinking surprises all over your lawn like the neighbors dog.

This thankfully was not one of those times.

Learning that your ex-boyfriend is gay can cause you to feel a whole slew of emotions. Sure it wasn’t your fault, but there is that part of your brain going…”well he didn’t feel the need to come out till he started dating you” and this my friend can give any girl a slight complex.

I was having one of those mornings. The kind where all you wanna do is slide back into the covers and stay there all day, of course being a high school student that is never an option unless you are sick and dying, but then staying in bed really is no fun at all.

So having no other choice, I prepared for my next riveting day of high school. Before I leave in the mornings, I always take a little time to read the daily paper. I know, I may sound like an old man, but I loved reading the newspaper. But this time when I stepped out onto the front porch, there was something else besides the paper sitting there. A vase of flowers…

I looked around to see if I could see the mystery deliverer, but there was no one. “Hey! I called into the open door. Sapph I think you have a surprise out here.” She must have been further away than I thought because she never responded. Kneeling down, I picked up the vase and discovered a small card attached to it. I was a little more than surprised to see To: Waterlily written on the front. I looked around again and then opened the miniature card. The only thing written on the inside was You are perfect. The short but sweet sentiment made my heart flutter and threw a permanent smile across my face.

I brought the beautiful bouquet to my face and took in a big whiff. Mmmmmm they smelled even more amazing than they looked. Forgetting the paper completely I went back inside and headed to the kitchen with my new pretty.

No one had ever sent me flowers before. Could they be from Chessie? No, he would have put his name on them if they were from him. My brain started running off possible candidates in my head, but no one from school really stood out. I kept staring at the arrangement for several more minutes, before I went upstairs to take a shower. The entire time I was cleaning up, You are perfect, kept repeating in my head. I kept smiling and lathering away. “Some one thinks I’m perfect.” I giggled to the flowing water.

Never before had I felt so girly in my life. One tiny gesture and I was giggling like a school girl. After my shower, I rushed back down the stairs and hopped up on the counter to sit with my gift.

“Hey Sapph are you in…oh it’s Augualily.”

“Hey Disco.” I smiled happily.

“Uh…hey. Your sister around?”

“Ya I think she just went upstairs to get in the shower.”

“Oh… What you got there?”

“What do they look like? Their flowers…”

“Oh right. Who they from?”

“Don’t know. The card didn’t say. It would seem I have a secret admirer.”


“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, just trying to picture what kind of nerd would send you flowers is all.”

Normally that would been just the kind of thing to send me flying off that counter and attack him, but I didn’t care. Not today. I turned to look back at my flowers and tuned him out completely. He tried to talk to me again, but I decided to just ignore him. I smiled again, such a small thing and it had pretty much made my entire year.

“Why are you such a brat?”

I knew he was trying to instigate me, but try as me night, it had no affect on me that day. Grabbing my vase, I hopped off the counter and left the room.

I had never felt so empowered in my life.

The rest of my day was spent in a happy daze. Bopping from class to class with a literal spring in step. I guess there was a girly part of me in there somewhere. A part that liked shiny things and being told she was pretty. Little did I know there would be many more days like it to come.

Prom photos~~


67 responses

  1. I am filled with so much happy right now. ^-^ GO CHESSIE. YOU GO BOY. I am with Lily, there–I wanna hug that boy silly. Not that I haven’t since the moment he was introduced… 😉

    Lily’s reaction to the flowers is so totally adorable–and her peppy walk, <333

    I seriously love the prom photos, too!!

    Okay, I have officially had my dose of happy for the day. Love eet~!

  2. I bet the flowers are from Disco… I just know they are!!!!
    Epic chapter, Berry, and I love how Mint and Midnight went to prom together 😀
    I’m still on Team Disco, even if he’s a bit of a Berryhole on the outside.

    • I completely agree! I remember that whole little “rule” about boys “if a boy picks on you, he likes you” and He ALWAYS picks on lily! Great Update!

    • I was thinking the same thing. They must be from Disco, even though he can be a jerk, I think he really likes Lily that is why he is always picking on her.

      • Gaaahhhhh. I already said that last chapter! Hahaha. I’m guessing everyone is thinking along the same lines!
        Knowing our luck, it won’t be Disco because Berry knows it’s what we’re thinking, lol.

    • I couldn’t help but think that they may be from Disco too! I can’t wait to find out.. But if they were from him, I wonder what would happen between Sapph and Lily O_o? Ohhh the suspense!!

    • by the way i looooovveedd this chapter!! it was so cute and it made me love chessie even more ahahaha. i can wait for the next one, i really want to find out who the admirer is 😉

  3. Purple flowers!!! O_O
    The Disco-lover in me is certain that’s he sent them, while the skeptic in me is wondering if you’re going to throw in another purple boy at some point.
    Oh, and that last picture is GORGEOUS <333 x

  4. :c and Disco is just another pretty boy… I LOVED Chessie with Lily…. :c now that, that is never going to happen I am one sad Risa… :’c
    (I am such a drama queen..) his genes are just too amazing to not be added to the family..
    On a happier note I loved the prom pics.<3

  5. Aww that was such a lovely chapter. I am so pleased Lily is feeling better about herself. Must have dented her confidence when her boyfriend came out as Gay!

    But what is Disco’s problem?? I recon he sent the flowers and has a secret crush on her. Poor Saph if thats the case!!!


  6. Ok so he is a really good actor or I am really stupid (hope It’s the first one though! At least i’m not the only one to think so)

  7. …Three guesses who sent Lily that bouquet of flowers!!! :3 :3 :3
    I also noticed that Disco doesn’t seem that interested in Sapphire anymore – but of course that’s not good for poor Sapph. 😦

    Midnight and Mist’s “undying love for one another” made me laugh A LOT x’D I am actually laughing as I type!

    Once again, GREAT chapter!!

  8. OOOOOH! I know who the flowers are from! It’s been obvious from the start! Even though everyone knows by now, I’m still excited!

  9. Poor Chessie! I’m glad Lily understood and was there for him.

    I love that Lil got flowers and they made her so happy. I can’t wait to see who they’re from-I have my suspicions!

  10. loved that chapter! I was wondering when Lily was going to become more…girly, should i say?
    And Chessie…he’s really nice how come i didn’t notice he was gay before?

  11. Go Lily! I’m glad she doesn’t reject her best friend for being gay like a lot of people would. And why was Disco so curious about the flowers after rejecting Saph? Can’t wait for the next chapter 😀

  12. As much as I would LOVVEEE disco and waterlily to be together, Disco isnt lavender (berry’s first post, after blue generation it’s lavender.) so i dont think they are going to have kids…. BUT!!! I still hope the flowers are from disco! And I hope they have a tinyy romance ❤

    • Yeah, I agree he’s more of a fushica (£10 on me spelling that wrong) which is the next one. Still it’s not too late to make a change to the color order…

      • Disco is pretty lavender to me…. well we’ll just have to wait to see what Berry has in store for us 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Awwww, such a great Chapter!!! I love the fact that Chessie and Lily are such good friends. It’s neat that he trusted her so much with his secret…

    Now…on to this secret admirer!!! I have an idea it’s Disco…but then you do tend to throw us a curve now again…so I just don’t know.

    You’re just gonna have to get on the next chapter, there Missy.

  14. it’s disco (i hope) it has to be him. since he’s no longer interested in saphire it’s the perfect time to confess his love for agualily. i love that name, i’m spanish i have to. good for chessie for coming out. and good for agualily for being so understanding

  15. omg! my money is betting it Disco….the whole old-school. “if a guy makes fun of you that means he likes you” + he is purple! oooooohhhhhhh i cant wait til that next chapter berry!!!!

  16. you know I have to agree with Apple, for some reason I think its Disco too. Is that right? Hahah I mean there is that saying that boys are only mean to you because they like you? Or did that die out years ago? haha I must say I do like that she’s free spirit and doesn’t care what people think. Sounds like me in a way, and her sisters are like my friends hahha too weird.

  17. *shakes computer upside down and hopes for one more chapter to fall out…*

    I just read your entire legacy from start to this point (and all side stories!) you’re an amazing writer, and i love your berry sims! I wish i could do this myself but i lack the talent you have.
    Can’t wait for more! 🙂

  18. I think the flowers are from Disco. He regected (Well tried to) Saph, so I think that means he’s trying to end it slowly. But I actually think Saph and Disco are adorable. I might be wrong, you might throw another guy in there

  19. Wow, I have finished reading your entire blog and it’s AMAZING! I bet many people have already said this but I just have to say, your Rainbowcy is very well written with really unique and fascinating story lines. Also, your pictures are very clear. I love this blog and I am excited that I have finally caught up. I can’t wait to read the next post! 😀

  20. awww what a sweet chapter 🙂 Chessie is adorable! Instead of hugging him I kinda want to pinch his cheeks 😛

    I’m guessing the flowers were from Disco just like everyone else but i definitely thought he was going to give himself away in the kitchen, or do something more obvious than picking on her. Lily’s reaction was classic and I can totally relate lol

    btw was anyone else reminded of Papple and Honey by Prelude’s prom pic? One of my fav couples!!

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  22. Lovin’ the chapter! btw, is Disco or Chessie on the exchange? I need some doners for a legacy I’m It’s so hard to find a place to post stories on!

  23. Am I the only one who thinks that Fern looks a heck of a lot different in her prom picture? Lily is so cute going goo goo over flowers! Ooohh please let them be from Disco!

  24. Hello! I have just found this blog, and I have read it all the way through. I think it’s great and a lot more interesting than other legacies (No offence to others) and I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • Thank you so much! Last time I checked, Disco is lavender lol. Hair is definitely lavender and clothing definitely is too. Though there could be another… :O

  25. I love your rainbowcy! But, now I feel like an idiot, cuz I used Chessie in my game, before reading this and he’s married to my girl sim. I’m sorry, although I did give you credit for him, and thank you for him!

  26. Omb I love this chapter, Waterlily has a secret admirer, I have a sneaking suspicion it might be Disco Finn, although to hard to tell at the moment……

    I have one thing to say to Chessie and that is YOU GO BOY!! 🙂


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